FIRESTARTER Trailer (2022)

First trailer for Stephen King’s ‘Firestarter’ remake has Zac Efron battling the flames 🔥

Coming to theaters & Peacock on May 13
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  1. Looks really good 🔥🔥🔥
    Does bring back memories of my nightclub days back in Christchurch New Zealand when I was talking to my bestfriends friend Chrisy and out of nowhere her wig all of a sudden caught fire lol we were so drunk all I could do was throw my drink at her hair lol 😆

  2. Nahh,dont need some remake.
    How about doing say a part 2 as an adult with child getting similar or opposite powers from her mother.
    Hollywood err wokewood i mean just screws everything up lately like aliens,Terminator, predator and starwars.
    Seems like anything that was good they just turn it into trash.

  3. This is going to suck. They need to stop rebooting Stephen King movies. It is the only remake that has been worth it