Financial Crisis: Explained

Jayne Secker is joined by Sky News’ Economics Editor Ed Conway, City Editor Mark Kleinman and Business Presenter Ian King to discuss the financial crisis.

#economy #financialcrisis #UK

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  1. I’ll explain in a few words. It’s Tories, vote Labour and remove them for a better life.

  2. the British Empire once spanned across the globe…

    now we cant even handle our own small island. How the mighty has fallen.

  3. For whatever worthless reason, I kinda miss Boris.
    I recall that SNL skit, the NATO cafeteria, where James Cordon played Boris Johnson.

  4. With all this crisis happening, it has really affected the stock market, one needs to have a different portfolio
    I already invested in forex and crypto which are really profitable

  5. Tomorrow the Russians in Novo Rossiya will be incorporated into the Russian Federation but the British and trade partners in Commonwealth and here is according the Germans and EC part of UK and never did a weak pound mean as much to cushion the effects of EU tariffs on British exports when they suspend the GB EU trade agreement and impose a hard border on all imports from NI , GB Commonwealth and others over no agreement on no hard border

  6. Just another Brexit benefit – we's got blue passports, soverunty and rich guys making more … who could complain at that ?
    Liz is a superbrain ….. she's looking after her rich mates , they's suffering they's is
    She really knows her stuff …..

  7. The great action she did, was plummet the pound. All mouth wiping out private pensions. And don't get me on the housing crisis that just starting.
    Must say Liz did help her further, to sorting the pound + giving her friends a big old tax cut. Yeah she's helping…… her friends & for the UK citizens. That would be a big fat NO

  8. Curb inflation by lower taxes and growing the economy? Do politicians just say whatever they want now? Since when lowering taxes and growing economy ever meant lower inflation… It's literally the opposite.

  9. WOW. That chart at about 9:00 minuities showing affordability is incredible. That needs to be shown to every elder person.

  10. Only truly stupid people can't change their minds. All they would have to do is state they would delay the tax cuts for a year or two, and flesh the detail on the energy intervention plan.

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