1. I thought it was going to be about a badass who's reflexes are through the charts who has to fight a bunch of clones controlled by a crazed cannibal while being haunted by scary ghost girl.

  2. Bullshit, Black people don’t camp. that’s such an oversight that I can’t even suspend belief.

  3. Well edited trailer. It’s probably better than the movie. I think we’re done here.

  4. Who keeps giving Terrance J movie roles. This dude cannot act for nothing. And this is the scene you decide to open the movie with? This movie is too low budget for me. I’m out

  5. My fear is being model thin and making tons of money. Also, I fear of being gorgeous for eternity🥸😎🤣

  6. Incase y’all are wondering the voice at the end is saying “Y’all don’t have to watch this one” backwards

  7. Can we just stop it already with the contortionist walking with their hand and feet? Cmo'n Hollywood. Enough is enough.

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