Fatal Crossing (Full Movie) Drama l Thriller

High flying tech entrepreneur Carson wakes up in a bloody car with no memory of what happened the night before. His world in chaos, things only get worse when he falls for June, who believes Carson killed her boyfriend that fateful night.

Directed by Liam Hughes
Starring James Jagger, Dree Hemingway, Katie Chang

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  1. Actually an EXC. 🎬—,GOTTA watch for the DAZZLING ending:-)! Don't read the comments tell you watch the movie :-)! !

  2. He will get blamed either way the brother knows see left with him when she doesn't return that girl just set him up by killing her

  3. Good God this is boring don't bother to watch it just won't go off this feed take the post down whoever put this s*** up it's terrible and I keep hitting the button. I know that's my fault I'm very tired.

  4. This film should have had the song June by the church playing with the end credits. The lyrics in that track would be perfect for this.

  5. What a stupid ending. Anyway; I think marcey was the hit n r I'll and 🏃 run. She's always following him around. Now he has another murder on his hands. Marcy did that also; that's why she wanted the guy to delete everything about all the employees. It still ended very stupid!😞.

  6. After rewinding several times, I finally figured this movie out. Looks like a hit and 🏃 run. Why didn't he just stop…strange!😕

  7. This movie keeps jumping around and like there's no plot, this is one of the worse movies I've ever see!(This has been my opinion!)

  8. Inconclusive ending! It spoiled the movie b/c of that dark haired woman still thinking she could have Carson!

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