Far From Home | Official Trailer | Netflix

To fund his dreams, a poor teenage artist gets a scholarship into an elite school. But a huge secret threatens his safety and his new found status.
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Far From Home | Official Trailer | Netflix

A financially struggling teen finds himself in the world of luxury after a prestigious scholarship sends him to an exclusive school for the one percent.



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  2. Is this a remark? Because I swear I have watch some asian tv series or movie with the same story.

  3. I'm so proud,this is the best African Series I've seen so far. The production is excellent 👌🏿, the storyline is on point and consistent,I literally was glued on it. We need a Season 2, I beg, Nollywood has outdone itself on this one. Well done 👏

  4. This was Good! Watched all of it yesterday! Luv me some African movies! ❤️❤️👏👏

  5. The special surprise at the end was worth watching the full video without skipping the sponsor. Thank you pooderpe!

  6. Loving these new crop of very talented Nollywood actors!!!Kudos!!!Netflix.Great production overall.We urgently need season 2.

  7. go and do your research, there was something called federal school of arts and science Victoria island it was a post secondary school institution, and they wore uniforms

  8. All the teen shown in the trailer are look like they are way past the age of 30+ but playing teen atleast try to cast age appropriate. I'm thrown away by seeing middle aged man trying so hard to play the character..

  9. I'm So Proud Of All The Actors Of This Series As Well It's Premier To Netflix.
    Just Finished It, & The Series Was Phenomenal.
    "King Of Boys" , "Fifty" , & Now "Far From Home" I Love Them All.

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