FANTASTIC FOUR #1 Teaser | Marvel Comics

“Whatever happened to the Fantastic Four?”
Find out in FANTASTIC FOUR #1, on sale now!

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Download FANTASTIC FOUR #1 Teaser | Marvel Comics Here


  1. Glad they are caring about them again and are now back. Must be for the incoming reboot.

  2. What a perfect movie, I cried a lot in the movie. And what a magnificent performance by the actor who played Namor, I left the film in love with the actor's performance and charisma, I'm dying to see him in other Marvel films and who knows, maybe have the joy of being able to see a solo film by him and his taloca. 😊❤🐾

  3. Whatever happened to the Fantastic Four…I love it, that's totally something that should be explored. Infact the Fantastic four don't get enough credits anymore, at all.

  4. Yes! Thank you for reminding me with that beautiful Alex Ross cover, that I have to ALSO pick up that Amazing Fantastic Four comic he also fully illustrated!!

  5. After a hiatus, starting to get back into more modern comics and Fantastic Four is still something I haven’t dived into after all these years

  6. Just makes me want to watch the retrospective of the characters again, they are a good group!

    The only thing I like more the Fantastic Four?


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