FANTASTIC BEASTS 3: The Secrets of Dumbledore Final Trailer (2022)

FANTASTIC BEASTS 3: The Secrets of Dumbledore Final Trailer (New, 2022) Harry Potter Universe
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  1. Isn't like 70 percent of the movie in this trailer? Like they're showing most conflicts and intentions. Like bruh, it's harry potter related. there's already a fanbase for it…why the spoilers?

  2. i was kinda looking for nagini character at this film.. i was hoping she has still the spot light for more back story.

  3. These movies are cool but kinda fuckin dumb at the same time we know Dumbledore is gonna survive -.-

  4. The thumbnail had me thinking for a brief moment that for some reason, they'd fished up Snape somehow for this…pale skin, Snape hairdo. Can't unsee.

  5. YOU GUYS ARE SO PATHETIC showing support for Depp but then praising Mikkelsen as the best replacement.

    Johnny Deep wouldn't lose his role in this film if it weren't for Mikkelsen deciding to step in and take his role in the first place.

    it was Mikkelsen who kicked Depp out of this franchise. And Warner Brothers knew exactly just that.

    So I can't help laughing pathetically at these so-called "Fans."

  6. Does Dumbledore get fucked in every one of his holes in this one? I need to know the answer is yes before i book my tickets

  7. Nope.. Im not going to watch this, you deserve to be sorry for kicking Johnny depp
    . THis is going to my pirated list of downloads

  8. I didn't even bother watching this in theaters…don't like how they recast depp. Maybe will catch it once its on streaming or not at all…shame

  9. This could've been such a great movie if they kept Johnny in it. Also if Rowling wasnt spewing shit towards trans women I would watch it, but her stupid way of thinking isn't gonna change anytime soon.