FALL Trailer (2022) Survival Thriller

FALL Trailer (2022) Survival Thriller
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  1. If these dim bulbs didn't go up to that height… We wouldn't have this movie.

  2. They can probably get down like if they wrap their arms around the pole and just go down like that. Seem to be the only option. They’ll just have to wrap the rope around themselves really tight

  3. The movie might end up being complete garbage but I really love this trailer

  4. Lemme guess. They are famous dare devil/youtubers/influencers doing a challenge.

  5. My guess is it will be film entirely up there for the whole movie I mean it looks cool

  6. Just when you think they have done a movie about everything…
    Here's a movie about a girl that climbed up, but can't climb down from a tower..

  7. Can people stop doing crazy things. So the poor camera man aren't put at risk like in this movie 😕 😂😂🤣

  8. A strange thing on Youtube popped up for me that this movie is of the zombie genre and there is no … a YouTube search blunder?

  9. This movie will focus on how they will get down or they might fall kinda survival movie but how did they got up there too exciting to watch..

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