EXTRACTION 2 First Look Trailer (2023) Chris Hemsworth

EXTRACTION 2 First Look Trailer (2023) Chris Hemsworth
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  1. The camera work and the action in the first one was brilliant, I'm looking forward to seeing this sequel. 👍

  2. Hemsworth can put his pride into another character, in comparison to do what they've done with Thor.

  3. Whilst I understand this tiny female can easily drive fast and shoot straight, it’s a joke if you think she can through heavy people around men or women.
    Maybe try it some day yoy will see it’s impossible

  4. Very good, now Christ its time for you to consider take a 007 role you will be good as Sir Roger Moore trust Me, Henry Cavill is like Sir Sean Coonery, Tom Hardy is a different breed 007 but you Christ you are a clone from Sir Roger Moore just take the 12 year contract & u will surprise how easy u make 007 tradition back again since Daniel Craig already ruin 007 tradition.

  5. Netflix here take some lessons from Tom cruise and do real action without garbage CGI and green screen good 👍 for you Chris i well support you man if the movie open in cinema.

  6. why austria? take germany next time if you need a location… austria is like when you take germany and switzerland and take the worst from both of them

  7. Can't wait to see this movie…. But wait what of my ikorodu boys from Nigeria that they promised a scene… Can't see them in this trailer

  8. I like the first one and this looks good too… But they do take a lot from "The raid" movie's… Not to take credit away from Extraction though, but, you know.

  9. It’s too bad they couldn’t get Mark Ruffalo to be the bad guy just so Chris could say we used to be friends from work

  10. Extraction is one of the top action films I’ve seen in recent years, and that includes Mission Impossible and John Wick. And Chris Hemsworth’s best movie outside of the MCU. So looking forward to this!!!

  11. Is it bad to say it would be awesome to have Tyler Rake – Chris Hemsworth for a future bundle for COD MW2 operator for warzone 2 ?

  12. I like to see new camera movement which you never saw before. And then you asking your self, how did they done that. Can't wait to see it. I think for this one, I will go to cinema 😌

  13. Looks good….. and it's nice to hear Chris Hemsworth using his own accent. I'll be waiting for this to arrive.

  14. the moment when he said " proman dao" in extarction 1 i still cant forget that as a bengali.
    "porman dao" means "give me the proof"

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