1. looks like going to be better than the first extraction the action looking more intense and entertaining helicopter on a moving train while a shootout with the mercenaries goes on extraction 2 looks like going to be better than the first extraction more better action scenes in this sequel coming out next year 2023 going to be an interesting movie sequel

  2. "With hte number 2 after the title , you have to bring at least twise the action" NO YOU DONT!!!! these idiots need to realize that its not the amount of action that makes an action movie good its how its implamented into the story, does it make sense? does it add to the experience? Does it take away from the story?
    For fucks sake, look at all the MCU movies, as the action gets ramped up the overall enjoyment of the movies goes down!!
    Look at the john wick movies!! apart from the first, they are all garbage, just none stop, over the top action, with no sense of risk or importance, just action for actions sake.
    Look at all the transformers movies!! once again the first one was good, then the rest turned to garbage, because they focused soo heavily on what they percieved they audience liked in the first movie! and that was the action, the explosions!
    They dont seem to understand that its the mix most of us like, the balance between action and story.

  3. Pretty sure my testosterone levels shot up after watching this trailer. Any boy watching this in the theater will walk out a full grown man

  4. I see the ex-wife is in this too, loved her on the first one. Bathroom scene was just perfect.

  5. Just maybe Amazon could hire any of those fight scene coordinators for the dismal RINGS OF POWER Fiasco…

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