EVIL DEAD RISE (2023) Official Trailer | 4K UHD

EVIL DEAD RISE (2023) Official Trailer | 4K UHD
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  1. Now what in the world would make you play a record with enchanted words on it that sounds like the devil??? I want to say they deserve it but no one deserves that

  2. Looks awesome and maybe taking place in the new evil dead universe which I also loved

  3. เหี้ยยยยยยยย เวรหล่ะกู น่ากลัวชิบ

  4. Well. The previous Evil Dead gave me a lot of nightmares, but I kept on watching it over and over till now that it is my most favorite horror film. I am so excited for this one now.

  5. the last evil dead remake failed so badly with the over use of horror and no comedy. from the trailer it seems to stay with the route though with a bit more humor this time. hopefully this movie can do better but who knows.

  6. I don't know… maybe it's just the trailer, but it don't seem like an Evil Dead movie without the goofiness & weird camera zooms.

  7. Imagine Your Mom just look like that and told you to open the door . What would you do?😵😵😵

  8. Hmm. Big Evil Dead fan here… Firstly, I'm a bit worried it's "Girl Boss" casting and writing, been burnt too many times on that. Secondly, why April instead of an October release?

  9. All women, and the one guy in it looks feminine. I can see where this is going. Hard pass. Also, the little girl is going to be a huge plot point. She's going to cause everyone around her to almost die or brutally die trying to keep her safe.

  10. All a side looks interesting, give it a chance if you start comparing it to Bruce it’s never gonna work…..

  11. Looks awesome. The best thing about this is that it has a new story plot instead of a Remake.

  12. Did they really just make a sequel to that dumper fire movie that came out a few years ago? Stop shitting all over good Horror movies, and make something Original for once

  13. Nothing like the feel of the original. Name stealing nonsense…so the one thing they retained was …the book. Booooooooooo

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