Evil at the Door | Full Home Invasion Horror Movie (HD)

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PLOT: One night every year the world sees an alarming surge in violent home invasions. This is no coincidence.

CAST: Andi Sweeney Blanco, Richard Siegelman, Kipp Tribble, Kenny Yates, Scott Hamm Duenas, Sunny Doench, Bruce Davison

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  1. If I was that lady in bathroom I would never get out they would have to come obviously they couln't. The last one taking hug from a stranger entering the scene crime without being called weird obviously he is one of them. I don't like slasher's or thriller's,I prefer seing demon or spirits acting like that because demon stay demon with destruction as primary objective but seing people acting like that is simply desgusting. The worst is that shit like this happen often in America in real life.

  2. Can I get that 1 hour and 24 minutes of my life back. This was the dumbest thing I have ever watched.

  3. There's individuals roaming around this country who have perpetrated such heinous crimes.

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