1. It is one the best acting performances in the history of cinema, he is Dahmer, and the guy who plays his dad, fucking acting clinic.

  2. Is it just me, but in a weird way after watching the series you actually kind of felt bad for Jeff?

  3. Am i the only one who thought in the beginning ' baby will! ' From stranger things

  4. I know he did monstrous things but I still do empathise with what happened to him in his childhood.

  5. I read the families of the victims were not asked before this was made and it’s been kind of traumatic for them

  6. Its even stranger knowing you live in Milwaukee. Its so surreal. The last episode when the trial and the stuff happening during the solar eclipse all at once made me cry. Not just one cry and ahh you are done, but like 3-4 more intervals of bawls. But man they did a beautiful balanced job with this show

  7. Hope he doesn’t take the character with him home after filming. In acting, it can be difficult sometimes to separate art from reality.

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