1. The Celestial looks so much like Jack Kirby's! (the guy that created the idea for Celestials in Marvel)

  2. This trailer actually makes more sense and shows an actual purpose for the movie. Maybe I will see it…..

  3. This trailer looks like a bootleg marvel show made in a country no one has heard of

  4. … really? This is the second trailer, and you STILL don't show us a kiss between the gay male couple? If it was a straight couple or two girls, you'd put it in the trailer without hesitation. Does this mean they will also chicken out from having the gay kiss in the actual full movie, even though they CONFIRMED they would have the first on-screen gay kiss in this movie?

  5. Although interesting, I will wait until it comes to the Movie Recaps section on YouTube lol. Watch a movie in 13 minutes than go watch the Actual Ironman Movie again for the 20th time. Enjoy folks.

  6. Wow that trailer actually made me interested in it and now I really wanna watch it. Sorry but the Eternals was a bit much for me to grasp. Movie looks good though, especially with the MCU. They haven't disappointed me yet

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