ETERNALS "Thena is Angry" Trailer (NEW 2021)

ETERNALS “Thena is Angry” Trailer (NEW 2021) Angelina Jolie, Marvel Superhero Movie HD
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  1. "NEW DANGERS" .. when he said that i almost fall asleep of excitment
    x ))
    whats wrong whit this people, is i all epstein pedowood thing or what?
    everyone seem depress

  2. Thena should or should have a bow n arrows also made of energy. She’s the best character in the movie

  3. awesome. but why did feel the need to put a gay person it? im not hating. i just think its wrong and the movie ive been fan girling over for the past 2 freeking years i probably shouldnt watch 🙁

  4. weirdest part of the movie was when thena stuck her hand in a toaster and said "I get confused sometimes"

  5. The way Eternals is being promoted gives a kind of sense that the content/choreography is shit. Avengers never had to market this much. Also they are trying to replicate character sets from avengers in Eternals. but nobody can level up to Iron Man or Captain America. Turning your superheros into God doesn't leave much for characterizing.

  6. Why do they always have a gender ambiguous female young character that has short hair with a face u wanna punch

  7. why do u guys keep saying then is strong look at the wanna be superman he can litterally pick up a plane and throw it through a monster stumick all she did in. the trailer was slice a leg offf of a monster

  8. mais do mesmo… sempre as mesmas ladainhas de herois, efeitos e humor besta. RIP cinema! E ainda coloca a Angelina militante anticristã miss botox como se fosse a jovenzinha kkkkk

  9. I'm so sad 😭 cause this movie comes out on my Birthday and I won't be able to see it due to the fact I'm in the hospital RN which sucks! But once I get released and recover I'm going to go see this movie and she reminds me of She-Ra more older version that's settle and combat kick ass ready, this role was made for Angelina Jolie!

  10. You might be a Eternal from outer space and what not, but you do not use Captain America’s quote buddy!!

  11. 0:42, does it seem like to anyone else that the costumes look kind of… cheap? Looks like plain old fabric and stuff. Even Wanda's jacket and jeans and boots looked more valuable Lol.