ETERNALS "Eternals VS Deviants" (2021)

ETERNALS “Eternals VS Deviants” New Clip (2021) Fight Scene, Marvel Movie HD
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  1. They really worried people won't watch this movie. Can't blame them the trailers are weak.

  2. deviant isn't animal like , i mean Thanos is believed to be resembled of deviant , this movie is gona flop …..

  3. Spider-Man: No Way Home's one trailer filled me with more joy than any of these ETERNALS trailers

  4. "The swappers" that's the real title right? Wasn't the point to make a record of rave and gender swapped characters for one movie? Black Adam is coming for that record too.

  5. So the Eternals could only protect humans from deviants and was told not to interfere when half the population was killed? This makes no sense at all. I might not watch it because of that alone.

  6. "If you love something, you protect it." Unless it's under threat from something other than Deviants.

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