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Previously On… She-Hulk

Watch a new episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, an Original series from Marvel Studios, streaming tomorrow on Disney+.

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  1. Jennifer Walters: I wanna make sure that you don't think this is one of those cameo every week type of shows. It's not. Well, except Bruce. And Blonsky. And Wong. And Daredevil. Just remember whose show this actually is.

  2. The incels are everywhere.
    The Incelligencia.
    Threatened by the presence of any strong woman hero.

  3. I respect everyone who were involved in this, seriously the best piece that l' ve ever seen on youtube ,Hats of to well All! Love your videos🙏

  4. I respect everyone who were involved in this, seriously the best piece that l' ve ever seen on youtube ,Hats of to well All! Love your videos🙏

  5. Dreadful, dreadful show. Woke MCU is destroying people's interest in this once amazing franchise. Phase 4 has been a dumpster fire.

  6. Terrible casting. She so annoying. Terrible writing could care less. Lost me at Ya know Men just don't………..

  7. Dam I guess no daredevil this episode ether I wish moon knight got more then 6 episodes unlike she hulk or flacon and the winter soldier I give she hulk a 6/10

  8. The acting in this show isn't bad its the story and cgi at times all of the actors are good but they have no meaning no plot they will probably have a plot in these last 3 episodes when the goat daredevil shows up

  9. Come on Marvel, fire your creative team immediately, to quote a great man "you screwed the pouch, hard" now you need to take it to the clinic and raise the hybrid puppies, then put them out of their misery

  10. So no Daredevil again?

    It was funny last episode because they justified it with the inconvenient wedding line, but now this feels silly.

  11. Hhaahahahhahahahaahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahhahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahjahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahaahhahaaahaahahahahahahahaahahha

  12. Such a shame this show had no idea where to go. They claimed to break all stereotypes and one of them was being good.

  13. Sorry this show is not for me.
    The writing is all over the place and the jokes don't land. It's basically a cameo series.
    The good fight and Boston legal are better examples of a serious but comedic series

  14. You know your show is bad when the majority of your audience is more interested in another character than the main character of the show

  15. Not the best marvel show but Tatiana is good and i hope to get a lot of Daredevil And Frog Man. Also hope for Frank, The Leader As "The Boss", William Hurt As General Ross/Red Hulk if he filmed scenes before he passed away RIP.

  16. Worst show ever, captain marvel and externals were better. This is so useless, crap acting, cringe, no story development. Completely utterly trash.

  17. I had just been watching this episodes hoping that i would see daredevil.
    But than yeah nah! Uil hv to wait

  18. The rumor a year ish ago was that Daredevil wouldn't appear until eps 8 and 9. You will All be disappointed.

  19. Waiting for Daredevil as well.
    But why would one of Jen's co=workers choose to NOT tell her about the threats to her life? Or report those to the police, FBI, DDC, or S.W.O.R.D.?

  20. Not even a cap. This has to be one of the weakest shows i have ever watched. I’m only here for Daredevil like everyone else.

  21. -Lucy González Parsons (1851 – 1942, Planet Earth)
    “We have laws, jails, courts, armies, guns and armories enough to make saints of us all, if they were the true preventives of crime; but we know they do not prevent crime; that wickedness and depravity exist in spite of them, nay, increase as the struggle between classes grows fiercer, wealth greater and more powerful and poverty more gaunt and desperate.”

  22. This show went from She-Hulk Attorney at Law to Daredevil Attorney at Law. If he's not in the next episode I'm done with this crap! 🤣😂

  23. Marvel Studios ruining their own legacy by making such garbage content. This show is worse than Inhumans.

  24. 00:45 Woaw 😍 I love all Disney's content I look forward to this episode

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