Emily Blunt and Chaske Spencer on horse allergies, funny auditions and The English | The One Show

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Alex Jones and Roman Kemp chat to Hollywood stars Emily Blunt (A Quiet Place, Mary Poppins Returns) and Chaske Spencer (Twilight, Banshee) about their brand new western, The English.

In The English, an aristocratic Englishwoman (Emily Blunt) and a Pawnee ex-cavalry scout (Chaske Spencer) join together in 1890 mid-America to cross a violent landscape built on dreams and blood.

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  1. Chaske was phenomenal in this series, he is brilliant. I hope he gets a lot of recognition.

  2. In short this show is absolutely BRILLIANT.

    One of the best shows I've seen…ever.
    Definitely one of the most beautifully shot. Seriously, it's absolutely gorgeous. The story is well written with everything coming together at the perfect time without loose ends. The show doesn't hold your hand or explain every last detail of what's happening, but all the questions are answered if you simply take the time to watch and think. In the end, you will understand everything.

    I almost never watch something I've seen twice, but I'll be watching this series again and probably again.

  3. Emily Blunt is fantastic in this series. All credit to her. Chaske is also fantastic. Wonderfully cast.

  4. This is really good. Embarrassed to say I’ve watched it twice already just to hear Chaske dialogue when I’ve been busy with work and never watch a series twice ever! Superb work by everyone from the acting to cinematography ❤️

  5. A great adventure but Ms Blunt has got to be one of the worst actresses i have ever seen. Some of the scenes did not make sense- lack of exposition. I suppose this is the British version of the Wild West

  6. I feel so sad by the end of the series. This series took my breath away on how the actors/actresses play the characters…so realistic and hardbreaking…good job on the production👍🏼👍🏼

  7. normally she is very playful in her interviews with co stars so serious in this one…acting was fine, but zero chemistry in series…..much more with Dwayne and of course her husband…

  8. I've probably seen every western movie ever made (80 yo in 3 weeks), and I rank this in the Top 10 (also 1883). Everything about it gets a 10 from me. The chemistry between Emily and Chaske was palpable; both did a fantastic job. But every aspect of this movie is a 10. Emily Blunt is one of the most versitle actresses ever. No challenge is too great for her. She deserves an Emmy and Golden Globe for this performance. As is the case with almost all of the movies/series that I love, I will wait about 6 months and watch it again. Everyone needs to see this Masterpiece!

  9. I'm so looking forward to watching this! I'm huge fan of both Emily Blunt and Chaske Spencer. The Set Direction and Costume Design looks amazing.

  10. Loved the series. Absolutely both heartbreaking and radiant. However, I have to say in these series of interviews with Blunt and Spencer, Blunt talks way too much, even when Spencer is answering a question directed to him. She seems anxious, uncomfortable in all of these interviews, and then gives off the impression that she has to rescue the interview and Spencer for the sake of the series. (I have seen several interviews of these two, different outlets. She's wearing the same shirt, so they must have done several of these in one day.)

  11. Blunt and Spencer have an incredible chemistry. Let’s also praise Rafe Spall’s performance ….mad as a hatter. Great drama that will probably see a few awards coming its way. Well deserved if they get them.

  12. Literal roller coaster ride dam that last episode. Amazing what they did with a mere 6 episodes.

  13. Absolutely loved the series by the end, a slow burner to begin with but oh my gosh the ending !! Loved these two together too and Rafe Spall??? Fantastic villain

  14. I just finished watching the series and the sixth episodeade me cry so hard, especially the last 10 minutes or so…my heart MELTED

  15. That was a beautiful story sometimes you binge watch and then realize no more episodes and can't replace the feeling…sobbing and sadness and sometimes you expect good endings at least in movies despite that it was an impossible love story during impossible times. Great chemistry

  16. I’m ready to watch this movie of Emily Blunt. She is a very talented actress, love to watch her acting.

  17. Man! Talking about Chemistry!! I could feel their love and longing flowing out of the screen! Phenomenal

  18. I had not known of Chaske Spencer before I watched The English, he was phenomenal in this great western.

  19. I too am watching this series (The English) with ever increasing admiration . There is a wonderful liquid quality to the photography which suffuses every frame.
    The script and the Cast are absolutely sublime….so yes – I really like this, quirky, deft and original Western series.

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