EMANCIPATION Trailer 2 (2022) Will Smith

EMANCIPATION Trailer 2 (2022) Will Smith

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  1. Not interested in yet another slavery film, and definitely not interested in anything Will Smith does going forward…
    Still waiting for a film showing the black moors, and black royalty, something that Hollywood producers seem to want to avoid showing that part of black history..I wonder why….

  2. Everyone likes a good come back. The movie hits hard. I hope it’s enough to pierce through the thick heart of cancel culture. He’s still that kid who gave us life lesson through prince of bel air. Keep fighting Will 🙌

  3. Oh Will. I'd normally jump at the chance of paying to see your movies but that time has come to an end. An amazing talent but you're not the man I once thought you was.

  4. Will Smith gets way too engrossed in his characters, so much so that it reflects in his real life, wonder how would he behave once this movie is released

  5. Well he's done it again. I just wonder who is going to be the next recipient of the 2nd annual Will Smith slap to the face at the Oscars next year.

  6. "You've got to get up every morning with determination if you're going to go to bed with satisfaction." **George Lorimer

  7. I'll watch the movie no matter what he did he made a mistake and gonna have to live with it I know it was a joke but that's the cheatttttt I'll do the best thing

  8. This could very well be the performance of his career, although that’s kind of a backhanded compliment

  9. Will smith: smacks Chris rock
    The Oscars: you’re banned
    Will smith: ok then I’m going to do a role that will get me an Oscar

  10. you guys go to hard on judging him. Who here never made mistakes? To me, he still a good soul. Im happy to see him again.

  11. Y’all too comfortable making fun of someone’s career in which you don’t have but if you weren’t too busy making fun of someone’s career you’d probably be less of a miserable individual you come across in these dumb comments . If you weren’t too busy making fun a someone’s career…you’d see that Will Smith is standing up to his real life oppressors…Kyrie Irving is also doing…as Kanye West (even though I don’t agree with everything he’s said or done especially them tantrums that cloud over his actual intelligence & genius as a man/human being). Will Smith has has a heck of a career has done so much for the culture especially the Black Community . His personal life has nothing to do with his career & talent. He’s probably seen/suffered from endless things to explode in the way he did. I respect Will Smith & his commendable career…his kids are endlessly talented as he is even Jada is talented but she has her demons to face as well as anyone else in this world 🌎. Doesn’t matter how rich how popular how poor unpopular…we are all human trying to figure this thing called life out . I will say, coming into seeing this Trailer I was like OMG WOW GROUNDBREAKING ANOTHER SLAVERY STORY…ANOTHER OSCAR WIN FOR SOMEONE GREATLY TALENTED WINNING FOR BEING A SLAVE IN A FILM 🎥 🎞 🙄…but then I feel like this was a therapeutic film Will got to be a part of after being blacklisted in Hollywood & shut out even though he’s Will Smith & has one hell of a career he’s achieved over time. This ain’t the first time someone got cussed out and slapped…it just was caught on tv…high key feel it was bullshit & they did it to punish Will…to show two Black Men not getting along global scale wise…Hollywood been on this awarding Black people for being slaves and never more than that…Black empowerment…togetherness shown on a global scale Hollywood & the media does their best to overshadow & make it not seen. That Will Smith slap to Chris Rock was their power play of “ownership & servitude”…this project I see this as Will Smith’s way of saying they can TAKE & TAKE from me…they can do their best to own me…but they will never break me…listen to what he’s saying in the film 🎞 🎥 after losing they way Will did (and even Chris)…this was a form of freedom empowerment and therapy for a talented man regardless of recent actions…family tragedies…preferences in life…The fact that before 2020…The Smiths were the token Golden Black family everyone loved & looked up too. But now these times it’s for all of us to stay true to the betterment of who we are a humanity & stop lookin to Hollywood to be perfect as they are humans too regardless of the extras they come with…they bleed…they fuck up…they got demons & goodness/greatness in them too. Will slapped a man he ain’t Weinstein but he got punished by Hollywood as if he were…why is that…slavery & servitude is prevalent as ever before that’s why . Sending love & light & blessings & abundance . That’s all Imma say about that for now ✨🙏🏽💯✨

  12. Apple know what they doin. They know people will watch because of the audacity of this move. A wise man once said "it's chess, not checkers!"

  13. Most of the comments are either sarcastic or poking fun at Smith.
    Personally, I don't think I'd watch any new film of him since he made a fool of himself and everyone that night at the Oscars. Look what happened to Mel Gibson's stellar career.

  14. I will watch it when it's free. Will Smith gets none of my money. Sure does look like he killed it though.

  15. Looks good!
    Wish it was theatrical instead of just streamed
    And, It is based on a true story, the story of how Will Smith really is a slave.
    A slave to his WIFE!

  16. For those who still belly hurting about the slap and won't see it, guess what, it's still gonna do great.

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