Emancipation Teaser Trailer (2022)

Check out the official Trailer for Emancipation starring Will Smith!
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US Release Date: December 2, 2022
Starring: Will Smith, Ben Foster.
Director: Antoine Fuqua
Synopsis: An enslaved man embarks on a perilous journey to reunite with his family in this powerful film inspired by a true story.

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  1. Do we need another "slave" movie… no!!!! This narrative is like broken record… borderline mental entrapment.

  2. I think this movie should be called "Redemption" because that's what Will is really looking for. 😅

  3. "Oh, that looks very interesting. Think I'll go see that." me before the thwap
    "William! You are a great disappointment to your mother and I!"
    Seriously though, this man would strike his friends over a joke and you still want to watch him to play pretend? Shame, Shame, Shame.

  4. Nothing like making yet another Slavery movie to keep Racism alive and keep people divided and hating each other.

  5. So many childish comments from so many 'morally upright' people…….i have loved Will Smith in movies since i started watching hollywood movies since late 90's, i am not going abandon such a great artist just because he did some stupid mistake in a emotional state. Waiting for this movie…..Love from India.

  6. Why do the slaves have African accents in the 1860s?
    The import of new slaves was illegal in 1808 so why does a 30 year old slave that lived his entire life in the American south have such a strong African accent as if English is his second language?

  7. Everyone seems to forget he doesn't deserve movie roles anymore. If he was a normal person he would be in prison for ABH. Movie looks whack too.

  8. What, another slave movie?
    It's 2022, but we're gonna get a frowning Will Smith with a stupid Wakanda accent.

  9. This is very dangerous from Apple. They should have gone with Denzel instead of this burnout. I hate him so much now that I like Chris’ stupid acting over this CUCKoo’s lol

  10. I'm going to see this. There are other people in Hollywood who have done far worse than Will Smith and Hollywood turns a blind eye. I DO NOT excuse his conduct but I am not letting Hollywood, with all it's contradictions and double standards influence what I support.

  11. Hope it actually tells a TRUE story unlike the woman king. Woman King out right lies about the true story and paints a complete false picture.

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