1. His career is over until he drops that toxic wife of his. Don't want to see him. Way too arrogant of a man.

  2. They turned off the comments on the Apple channel. Im satisfied with the comment section here. Will will be in a bunch of dramas now to make us feel sorry for him. He should remake G.I. Jane lmao.

  3. I love how they always make slavery movie trailers a whole cinematic experience filled with over the top action and QTE slow motion moments

  4. Sad that people who were enslaved didn’t know their descendants would
    murder each other and others that look like them. Smh

  5. Emancipation – He was slap happy when he was freed. An inspiring story how Afro-Americans became rich and free to slap other Afro-Americans whenever they want.

  6. Since its inception, Hollywood has fictionalized & corrupted historical periods in order to mirror, manipulate, and financially exploit popular cultural undercurrents, veering from one end of the political spectrum to the other. Simplistic, pre-packaged, schmaltzy morality tales (i.e. movie juvenilia) garner top panel prizes at the self-masturbatory Oscar awards; in recent decades, the more degrading and hyper-critical a movie is of all things western the greater the prestige and accolades bestowed upon it. You can thank international distribution and appeasement of foreign markets (namely Communist Chinese market) for that trend. This one ("Emancipation") is a contender. Oh, the tears shall flow and Babylon's pagan gods shall be hailed on that foul and unfair night. And there shall be gleeful self-flagellation from guilt-ridden liberals eager to cleanse themselves for the "sin" of being born into middle-class "privilege". One day their children will ask themselves what they lost and why their nation failed to materialize its wealth of resources and heritage of independence.

  7. I wanted to see this movie right up until I recognized WILL SMITH…. now I Don't give a SHIT!

  8. Love Will Smith, but I'm never going to watch this movie.. tired of slave movie!! And really don't want to see him in chains getting beat , he already took a public beating already.

  9. The fact that people love to watch this type of stuff shows the sick mentality of people and the love of racism. This did not happen in the past. Will Smith is not African and neither are most original Americans. Wake up!

  10. This is so stupid. This is NOT what slavery actually looked like. He even made up some fake accent. The narrative needs to stop!

  11. The slave owners couldn’t break him in this movie because they never made jokes about his wife.

    #Preface: #LUKE9 AND #KADIMA, "FORWARD"
    β€œNo one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of Gd.”

    Is it that #now or the #future holds no promise–that #producers to #comedicspeech only #writeABOUTTHEPLOWofSLAVERY.

    #Bestowed #accolades and #OscarWorthiness are #egregiously #misplaced
    upon #producers whose #proclaimedIMPACT #doesNOT #bringThePromiseResting in #BigScreenImpact #vastlysurpassing the

    If always #LOOKINGBACK#Blacks or the view of #ourBACKs will never #removeNEEDEDemancipation from the #wasteOFTimeNDollars that keep "We as a people #stuckONtheBigNegativeMovieScreen".

    β€œNo one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of Gd.”

    #Datpart to be #played. #DatRealityCheck!


  13. Should've called the movie "Damage Control."
    A slave movie? Really Will? So you're the victim now? Lol.
    What's sad is the low IQ brigade who think Wakanda is a real place will eat this pandering BS up. This isn't a movie, it's a publicity stunt…

  14. Looks like a good movie . I hope the whole and truthful story will be told .you can on!y hope that with Hollywood. Let folks who watch this will know the truth about the people who fought and died to end slavery. Spoiler alert its won't the democratic party. The fought uphold slavery.

  15. I wanna see it!!! This is a story I wanted and waited to see. I hope is a good as the trailer makes it out to be. πŸ‘

  16. Nah watch this with all do respect. Black ppl strong we are no slaves so the only slave show I love is django. –

  17. Hollywood Liberals love this narrative SOOO Much. Evil white people and victimized black folks. God forbid they do a movie about blacks in glory or success.

  18. Why people so stupid. mix the actor with the personal life …? This movie looks amazing. Stupid humans . Bunch of bots

  19. Isn't there enough black slave movies out there. Ohh yeah, this is a part of Will Smith humiliation ritual

  20. "Told that nigga he gotta play a slave to be invited back into the Oscars"πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

  21. Imagine being a group of people whose whole identity stems from victimhood. What makes it even more sad is that every culture and society had slaves and or were slaves and yet they don't bleep on about it constantly.

  22. It doesnt matter what film he is in or what ever he does. He is dislike by 92% of the world. People MIGHT watch this movie but it wont be because of Will "I slap like a B**ch" Smith. That's what happens when you allow Spoilt brats to be actors. Look what he did to a co star because he was jealous, she cant act in movies anymore because he ruined it for her. He is getting what he deserves

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