Elon Musk disliking smalltalk is the most relatable thing about him #TheElonMuskShow #iPlayer

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  1. He was a rich kid who's now a rich adult a**hole, just like 99% of all rich people… SMH 🙄

  2. Isn’t Elon autistic/has Asperger? I’m sure she knew this. Being in a relationship with anyone on the spectrum can be quite difficult when it comes to communication. It’s not something they can control. Why is she acting like a victim now?

  3. All hail the unelected oligarchs, corporatocracy and media billionaires! Thank goodness our capital is safe in their tax-free offshore accounts!

  4. It honestly makes sense given that Elon is autistic. I'm also autistic and I'm terrible with small talk and socializing overall.

  5. She could have just been honest and asked them are you sure? Because he is really not as much of a genius you're making him out to be

  6. I agree. Why fill the perfect silence. With fillers. We don't like it in our TV shows and movies. Why Shoukd I like in real life.
    Silence isn't scary.

  7. Not liking small talk is an extremely common trait for people leaning towards introversion (not anti social). I myself do not like small talk and will almost always be quiet at a table of new people. Unless we click.

  8. Elon mask ..is a unique inventor …no matter how many x of his makes negative comment about him!!

    …wish these women had a bit of "competency " and "vision to perceive" that they were married to a "genius" who wanted a "true love "along with his "passionate journey towards his inventions "….

    All losers are keen to show and prove how negative he can be. ..
    Sorry ladies " u missed the bus "..

  9. But doesn't everyone start off with small talk ? That's how you make more of deep longer conversations.

  10. When you want to get rich, you have to be rich first. Feels like that's how it is these days.

  11. People who can get along with anybody, make them feel special and seen have a unique opportunity and special power. So don't knock down small talk because I'd wish I had the knack for it

  12. If this guy didn’t have money there would not be a female alive who would want to be with him!

  13. I am great in small talk! I can have a good convo with complete stranger. Small talk is like pre heating the oven. It seems silly, but talking about the weather always works, bc all people feel weather

  14. His parents own mines in South Africa. The guy was loaded from the get go. There is no from rags to riches story with him. Just a rich guy that bought companies that made him even richer.

  15. Quick, tell me I need to hate Elon Musk!!! I don't know what more to think, I'm afraid of thinking something you won't like, please tell me why I shouldn't like Elon!!!!!!!

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