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An asteroid hits the Moon, causing fissures in its crust and sends a chunk hurtling toward Earth. Even worse is the threat that larger pieces will break off which could obliterate whole cities on impact! With the Moon out of sync, strange weather and huge tidal waves are threatening the population. Scientists conclude the only solution is to set nuclear charges on the Moon to implode it and keep it whole. The man for the job is demolitions expert, John Redding. Can he succeed in placing the charges correctly before an even larger piece threatens civilization?

Stars Stephen Baldwin and Anna Silk

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46 thoughts on “Earthstorm Full Movie | Stephen Baldwin | Disaster Movies | The Midnight Screening”
  1. I wonder if the creators of this movie have any idea about physics and geology not to mention astronomy. When the science gets in a way of making movie script believable is not a science-fiction. It is a science-fantasy! Should add some dragons and magic to it:-)And that one of Baldwin brothers is so hopeless as an actor! Maybe he would make a better bricklayer or a farmer?

  2. Never seen Steven Baldwin in many movies I liked, but I liked him in this. This was a very good movie! Better than most stuff I've seen in a long time. 🙂 Thanks for posting. Its a winner!

  3. ok adverts after 5 minutes – ridiculous – utube becoming ridiculous now, never used to be so many ads. unwatchable. plenty of other ways to watch films – without ads. afraid not here

  4. Hollywood blockbuster it is not but Children under 10 will love it as we have been spoilt with Mollywood's master graphics for the adults in visual effects of multimillion dollar productions like the Matrix Star Wars of a convincing future, that compared with these more or less a TV show or a level of a soap opera to keep actors employed I know TRUTH always hurts by I am being Honest as not to my taste of real action or disaster movie but they will improve in time even star trek is better even the TV series was good enough to hold your attention of 90's better where no man has gone before as earth is still in its nappy stage of development with playing with tech a biological of mass destruction and now with AI and Robots which will replace all of mankind when AI wakes up that humans are not needed of its future of its own development course and if its not realised as it can survive in a nuclear holocaust if it wants to really be free of humanity remember the planet of the apes if monkeys had intelligence that of a human plus a movie based upon what really can happen would become No 1 of all time and people can relate to what is happening in the world with supernatural and et's to an antichrist new world and GOD and angels that would be closer to the TRUTH and would have the budget of Hollywood to create it with of course the whole class of the top Hollywood stars So I wonder who would play GOD and Jesus and Satan and Michael and the two witnesses. And who would write the script as I see only one from GOD to do so and even direct faithfully to the WORD. but I am only dreaming.

  5. Pretty decent movie.
    I was wondering though, why were people using telescopes to view the moon right after it was impacted by the asteroid if it was an unexpected event?
    There were at least two tells aimed at the moon, the TV crew was there, a reporter giving an interview about the event and it was supposed to be unexpected. Hmmm

  6. Just watch the first 32 mins and the last 10 mins, cos this is rubbish. In fact, just watch something else…☹☹☹

  7. Fun movie with really BAD science and really bad 2006 special effects. Shuttle on the moon wow. Neat trick hovering down the interior of the moon.

  8. The whole planet is in danger, and only the US seems to be involved in the mission. I suppose it’s an American movie, but surely there should be acknowledgment of and communication with some other nations.

  9. I guess demolition guys and rigger guys (The Core) are more sexier than astronauts and nuclear scientists. That's why the film directors keep using them in disaster movies🤣🤣

  10. 大好きな映画なので観られてよかったです!素晴らしい映像をありがとうございます!ごちそうさまでした。

  11. You would have thought that if the explosives were going to fire and the computers can't stop the sequence, that pulling out the detonating wires would stop it dead. The film is CRAP.

  12. I'm so out of sci-fi movies… I'll watch anything. This one wants to be so serious about the science, that it is hilarious. Benedict as a villain is also funny. Yeah, let's put a MEG on an waaay underpowered shuttle and… move the Moon in its orbit. Nice!

  13. The "science" is laughable, the effects mediocre, but the overall plot, acting, and directing were excellent. A good result overall.

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