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The gravity of a rogue planet screaming past Jupiter has flung the Earth from its orbit. Hurled through space, the earth has become a rogue planet itself, causing enormous devastation. The only way the survivors can have a chance is if the Sun can regain its grip on the Earth, and even if it does, the face of the planet will be forever changed. If someone told you the world was ending tomorrow, would you believe them?

Stars: Joe Lando, Mark Rolston
Director: Steven Daniels

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  1. Started wrong. If we have a near miss with a rogue planet, no one would be alive to tell the story. Depending on the size of the rogue planet, it doesn't even need to be close to Earth to cause death to everyone. It most certainly would cause an E.L.E. Extinction Level Event.

  2. This movie is SO lousy it is great! The decisions made by the protagonists are so absurd they are hard to comprehend. But it does entertain, I mean, even with all its faults. Enjoy.

  3. The world is coming to an end ! Call upon the name of Jesus, repent, accept Jesus as your saviour….. read the book of Daniel 7, Mathew, and revelation. Many will disappear in a twinkling of an eye!!! The best is to follow the former warnings on this message, and die for Christ!!!

  4. I hate horses, got kicked in the head once….that explains everything…

  5. ExceLLENT Movie …. Friends,, Check Out Meteor 1&2 … Thanks To The Uploader… God Bless …

  6. Great movie, a good 90 or so minutes of entertainment. Also not swamped with ads, so had good continuity too. Recommended.

  7. Ish I must now get more popcorn 🍿. 😳 I am still gonna watch Dark Storm and I want to watch this one. Both are going to be good but you must have the popcorn 🍿😁. Can't wait

  8. the earth wouldn't fall and face to any kind of disarters if every human being or every living creatures in this world will accept Jesus Christ as a living word of god that that came to flesh to save every humanity in this world will accept him, no more ache failure or even death will occur.

  9. this video was made by intelectual beings that can understand on what would be all human kind would be after their death or after death of every human.

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