DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: Honor Among Thieves Special Look & Trailer (2023)

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Looking to rob a conman who stole all his loot, a thief gathers a party consisting of a barbarian, a wizard, and a druid to venture forth to foil the conman who now presides as the Lord of Neverwinter.

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Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves (2023) is the new fantasy movie starring Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez and Justice Smith.

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  1. With the current moves by Hasbro / Wizards around the Open Gaming Licence it may be necessary to boycott this movie. I don't want to, but it may be necessary. More data will be coming out in the next few days, but it appears that this move is just one part of an expansion in D&D that will damage the ability of other creators to make D&D and adjacent content. This is not actually good for the TTRPG community.

  2. The costumes are so freaking bad. All of them completelly unworn. This is the level of quality I expect from this.

  3. I hope we get a nat 20esq moment where someone tries something ridiculous and it works amazingly

  4. "We want to give them the movie they have wanted."

    Based upon what I have seen so far, I think you have failed…again.

  5. Even if they just have the DnD stuff from the trailer in the entire movie, I'd be happy. I wonder if this movie came about from an actual campaign the writer have played and kept in his back pockets thinking it'll make a good movie. Because releasing the ultimate evil, getting a party together to fix that or forced by other powerful entities to fix that or else (that was us), the hijinx, the lawful good paladin vs the chaotic neutral bard/rogue dynamic, that's pretty much DnD.

  6. So I got a bard, a barbarian?, a Druid, and possibly a spellsword?

    Also, what color was the dragon supposed to be? I couldn’t catch exactly what it was breathing, but it looks like acid?

  7. My expectations for movies at this point is less than zero… so this one might not be that bad.

  8. Bonus points for a black dragon breathing acid. I am really looking forward to this. Although… if this was my party they would set most of the areas on fire. Damn pyros….

  9. I have a big compliant: honestly I can't bear seeing a whatever skinny actress interpret a barbarian, is really unwatchable!
    WIth all the athletic females out there in the bodybuilding and crossfit scene there ins't really one that have also some act skill? Cmon…

  10. Can't wait to see druid solo every single encounter by summoning 16 wolves

  11. Honestly, a scene that I wish would be in there, but highly doubt: The classic party trying to get through a door. They come up to it and someone says "It's probably locked" so one of them tries to kick it down and they fail then they all go about finding a crowbar they come back, wedge the crowbar into the frame, then one of them leans on the handle and the entire door opens and they all fall through.

    Or three of them go off and come up with a plan to improvise a battering ram while in the background one of the party just opens the door and walks in. Quick montage of the 3 getting everything together to bash down the door. They come back with the ram, lift it into position, then the other character opens it from the inside and asks what's taking them so long.

  12. So, I already know I'm gonna be labeled a hater or an ist or phobe. I don't care though. We are seeing A LOT of scenes from this movie, this trailer is pretty long. The tone of the movie is a slap stick band of heros comedy thing, with mild seriousness at best. I don't think this movie is gonna do well. Its gonna be the Warcraft movie all over again. A buncha of nonsense injected into the existing property because the creators and producers don't have faith in the product enough to take it seriously. Adleast the older D&D movies knew they were bad, and just owned it. They knew it wasn't going to be taken seriously, when you have a Waynes brother and Jeremy Irons in the casting. Wrath of the Dragon god, was the most serious and lowest budget of all of them, and I think it was the best one. Edit: Book of Vile Darkness is also ok, not as good as WotDG though.

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