DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Final Trailer (2023) D&D Movie | 4K UHD

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Final Trailer (2023) D&D Movie | 4K UHD
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  1. There's plenty of material from TSR, the makers of dungeons and dragons to make a really good D&D Movie. Take any of the trilogies Weis and Hickman wrote for source material. Just like the Harry Potter movies. It could be epic! This one I'll check out but short of the visual effects, star power, I'm gonna say that the script isn't going to be very good.

  2. This actually looks pretty good! I'm sad i watched the trailer though, probably most of the good parts. I'm going to stay away until its out.

  3. At some point one of them needs to die, only to immediately and inexplicably replaced with a 1 to 1 look a like of the same character with a similar name and for nobody to make notice of it or briefly acknowledge it and continue on unabated.

  4. Everyone complaining that this movie is too goofy, playing DnD with your friends is ALWAYS goofy. So far I'm completely onboard

  5. This looks like every other flashy, cgi overload, comedy choked movie that comes out these days.

  6. F Hasbro and WotC! They are trying to screw the Table Top Role Playing Game (TTRPG) Community with their money grabbing attempt on Third Party Content!
    Plus, why in the hell aren’t they utilizing any of the amazing stories within hundreds of novels? Instead of writing their own stupid, guardians of the galaxy, copying storyline. Just bring to life the Drizzt series and you would have a box office winner, hands-down!

  7. BOYCOTT this movie, at least for the first few weekends.
    Until Hasbro fixes their attempts to stranglehold the community for the pastime which Hasbro bought into, and are trying to exploit, do not give them any money.
    If you must watch this in theaters, wait a few weeks, as the theater gets a larger cut of the ticket sales.
    (Ask your theater manager when that cutoff is)

  8. I don't often say this but I'm looking forward to watching this film. It looks awesome!

  9. Looks like another movie where the women are flawless badasses and the men are stupid and weak.

  10. Looks cool but biologically there is no way a woman can toss a man twice her weight like paper. That's biological fact. Oh but wait for it because there is always some liberal troll or studio troll who will claim sexism when facts are presented because they have no FACTS in which to argue.

  11. She manages to pull a brick out of a flat road (impossible) then beats up three guys while he can't get rid of rope.

    Such misandry. Everyone js sick of the woke man hating nonsense.

  12. 0:26 I love how he's struggling to split the rope which is obviously loose despite it being so loose he could easily slip his hand out…
    As much as I am not a fan of everything being "dark and gritty," I would like to see more serious fantasy. Outside of LotR, most films seem to think that fantasy has to be goofy.

  13. No backlash yet for anything there trying to shove down our throats or is it just gonna be what we want and awesome! 🤞🤞

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