DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS Trailer (2023) Honor Among Thieves
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  1. Some parts gave me the 80's carton vibe, and that red horno plis the bald figure that appeara from time to time, wouñd be awesome to see Venger or maybe Tiamat thw Dragon in a live version….

  2. This looks like it might be worth watching, unlike all the other ones. That said, this has a 'guardians of the galaxy' vibe to it.

  3. Anyone else notice that each decade that passes- the new and trendy things from the last 10 years are glorified a little too late to capture your attention once again?

    It feels as if I am in a vat, witnessing this trendy trailer – yet I am dissatisfied with the simulation which presents itself infront of my eyeballs.

    Here we are, or are we? 😄

  4. I am getting the vibe that this movie isn't taking itself too seriously, which is EXACTLY the right way to do this. I am looking forward to enjoying this ride! 🙂

  5. First thought was Baldur's Gate even though I have never played that game or any other DnD games.

  6. Gonna say it. This actually looks, to me at least, that in some way the writers, producers, director or actors played a campaign. That's why I think this looks really good

  7. ooooo how dare paramount not show orcs in a platform that claims orcs are black ppl and being oppressed

  8. I have absolutely ZERO interest in D&D, yet this movie looks entertaining AF… Strange…

  9. "Let's do Guardians of the Galaxy, but slightly different!"

    Well if it works it works. Though they forgot the cute/funny mascot like character which was pretty important for the immediate success of Guardians of the Galaxy I feel. I just hope it won't be another trash movie lol

  10. @1:45 i think I'd much rather take my chances fighting that displacer beast then to dive right into a gelatinous cube wtf 👀👀👀 Owlbears mimics Minsc and boo o my ❤️

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