Dubai Bling | Cast Announcement | Netflix

It’s time to reveal the cast of #DubaiBling! Meet the social circle of 10 successful, self-made millionaires living their best life in the city of dreams. Dubai Bling, coming to Netflix on October 27 ✨


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Dubai Bling | Cast Announcement | Netflix

Step off the private jet and into a high-flying social circle in Dubai, where lavish parties, stunning skylines and jaw-dropping fashion are the norm.



  1. Netflix has lost their minds casting cross-eyed wannabe Kris Fade and his gold digging dropout wife on this show, they aren't even influential, all they do is promote some crap overpriced snack. Brent Black is a much better radio personality and person. He deserves more recognition than this annoying pandejo Kris Fahd.

  2. Did these rich over privileged kids & ex gold digger wives pay Netflix for exposure?! 😂 Loujain Adadah was an escort who wed Saudi billionaire Walid Juffali, 35 years older than her – obviously for love. Had 2 kids right away before he died. That’s her only claim to fame & fortune. 🤮🤑 Just like all the other shady characters in this cheap circus. Real Dubai royalty & wealth would never expose themselves like this.

  3. Netflix, please stop (or at least reduce) the reality garbage and throw money into more seasons of Sandman!

  4. Mrs Sonia is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy

  5. LoL why are they so ug£¥ … i didn't know this much plastic could fit in in such a short promo … NOT EVEN A SINGLE BIT INTERESTED in this CR@P.

  6. Knowing this is Dubai content
    There will be some woke twitter sjw barking at this show for not having diversity and representation

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