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  1. "i think maybe dreamy bob is dumb and droopy bob sees things the way they are" is such a relatable line.

  2. It's dialogue like this between Bob and Linda that makes this show (and hopefully this movie) great. It's so real and heartfelt

  3. Dude this is so cute and wholesome, I've been waiting years and I'm so excited!!!

  4. Does anyone notice that this year is the 15th anniversary of the simpsons movie and it's the second time they made a movie based a Fox show

  5. Deconstructed Bob is not real, The context can not Hurt Your Feeling!
    Deconstructed Bob!!!!

  6. Yes, punching someone in his balls is very funny… ha-ha. I wonder if it would be funny to punch a woman…

  7. It's gonna be a great movie if it made me laugh like that in just a minute long clip. 😀

  8. Fishoder got arrested!?
    I mean it makes sense
    edit: if anyone should get arrested it should be Jimmy Pesto

  9. Woah the 3D animation was amazing even if it was on screen for 2 seconds

  10. the fact that linda was pregnant with tina while bob was talking about the restaurant in that lil flashback made me a lil emotional

  11. Looks Like Louise Overheard them; and Is going to formulate a Plan to help save the Restaurant!!

  12. Who's gonne be the composer of this film? Well, just have to wait for it to find out?

  13. I swear if Jimmy pesto becomes so unlikable more than usual I’ll go crazy

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