DOWNTON ABBEY 2: A NEW ERA Trailer (2022)

DOWNTON ABBEY 2: A NEW ERA Trailer (2022) Maggie Smith, New Downton Abbey 2 Movie, Drama Movie HD
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  1. They asked Catherine Deneuve to be on the show and she declined because they couldn't agree on her wage, they were going to pay her less than the main characters and that wasn't going to happen with Catherine. Then they asked Fanny Ardant and Brigitte Fossey who both declined because Maggie wasn't on the show and they didn't see the point without her and playing with just minor actors then they asked Jacqueline Bisset but she wasn't available which is too bad because she would have been absolutely perfect, then they asked Eva Green but she didn't like the script and declined and finally they asked Carole Bouquet who unfortunately got ill and couldn't accept and so Nathalie Baye is the 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8th choice ! I would declined just out of pride !

    Nathalie is a fabulous actress and should have been one of their first choices, just look at her playing Patsy in the french remake of Absolutely Fabulous, she is amazing !

    Nathalie knew she was not the first choice and when she arrived on the set and met the actor she said "I'm only here because Brigitte Bardot wasn't good enough for the role and Jeanne Moreau is dead, although they did think about digging her up !"

  2. I hope they write Daisy's cell phone into the script and every character has bottled water as part of the storyline.

  3. I'm on pins and needles. March cannot get here fast enough for me. I shouldn't be but I've been a fan from the very beginning.

  4. Not gonna lie, it should be Italy, so it'll be a callback to Violet's quote on Mary's conditions after pamuk "We can always find an Italian that's not too picky".

  5. "I'm not doing another fucking Downton thing. It's been done to death." – Maggie Smith

    "We'll set it in the South of France." – Downton Producer.

    "Sigh." – Maggie Smith.

    *Puts on frilly 20's hat."

  6. DA has already Jumped-the Shark with the first movie. Unless they get a new team of writers this will be just more of the same. Time to put this franchise to bed.

  7. I'm so excited about seeing more of the story. At the end of the last movie, Lady Violet wasn't dying so much as she had been told she would die sooner rather than later. Sounds like a dicky ticker to me, perhaps palpitations or angina. My prediction is that in this movie she'll travel to France with the family, and die there.

  8. An interesting observation about the cast credits – they have Daisy’s last name noted as Parker. I recall never hearing her last name mentioned during the TV series.

  9. Talk about beating a dead horse. That last movie was terrible, what is this going to be? two hours of them preparing the garden for a tea party?