1. Wonder where they get massive amounts of opioids from.. seeing how the US been invading the Middle East makes you wonder. These legal drug dealers also won immunity from opioid lawsuits last year, copying the strategy used by vaccine companies (they too almost went bankrupt because of injuries and death and went to court to get immunity for their products)

  2. Wait you mean the same companies pumping the nation with safe and effective vaccines did this not to long ago? 🤔 I’m so happy they had a change of heart to only do what is right for the country

  3. It's hilarious how we have dopesick, a show about how a pharmaceutical corporation lied about the efficacy and dangers of their drug in the name of money, yet these same Hollywood assholes will turn around and blindly tell you to get your 23rd booster shot for the zeta-zeta variant. Disclaimer: I'm fully vaccinated and think everyone should get vaccinated but the Big Pharma machine doesn't stop with the god-damned Sackler family and Opiates.
    I suppose a show where lawyers are sitting around all day coming up with legal justifications why insulin should be 9 thousand dollars doesn't make for as exciting television

  4. My wife was on extended relief pain medication and she took them responsibly for over 12 years. With the laws today, people in desperate need of these medications are being forcefully tapered off. Or in worse cases, completely cut off. The majority shouldn’t being paying the price for the actions of the few. The DEA is not our friend. They’re opportunists who always find a way to make things worse and profit from it at the same time. The public needs to wake up and realize that giving the government free reign over our private health care is not the solution. Doctors, along with their patients, are the ones who should make the final call on what care to provide. Not the government, insurance companies or any of their goons. Prescribing is down all across the country, yet overdoses are climbing. So who is benefiting from their continued failed war on drugs?

  5. The Sackler family (creators of oxy) art collection today is worth around 50 million…So yea, even after years of litigation, they are still better off than everyone in the world. Especially their victims.

  6. All the hate for big pharma,
    No hate for the doctors?
    Doctors loved this stuff because they got a consult fee for every addict they had.

  7. Eh, no-one can win when dealing with the public. Everyone has an opinion and it's usually wrong. If they didn't go this route they'd be accused of doing nothing.

  8. Another Hollywood movie about the evils of big Pharma. All while the media, government and.Hollywood tell us we can trust big Pharma. Which is it?

  9. Phizer settled the biggest lawsuit in history. 32 billion. If they can afford that what else they lying about? Rona jab anyone??

  10. If this show is making the DEA the hero’s of the opioid epidemic then that is just absolutely wrong and not accurate at all!! The DEA accepted hundreds of millions each year from big Pharma so no one at big Pharma would be arrested. They simply called it “fines” vs bribes. Pharma paid all those fines at the beginning of the year so the DEA would ignore them the rest of the year. Which is bribery not fines. Would be nice if this shows the real truth, that the DEA was too damn scared to go after big Pharma so instead they arrested everyone on pills and charged them with the RICCO ACT and put them in federal prisons as if they had just arrested the worlds biggest smuggling enterprise. When really they did nothing but go to pharmacies and see who was picking up opiates then arrest them all. That’s seriously the laziest investigative work ever! They weren’t trying to help anyone at all. I watched them absolutely destroy lives and families over and over all while literally laughing and verbally assaulting the ones being arrested and OD’ing on the streets. They looked at all of those as lesser humans, it was absolutely disgusting to see them constantly laugh at dead kids, Teens, moms and dads. Everyone. The DEA was not the hero’s and definitely not the people that cared for the addicted, dead, kids, or the ones trying to get clean.

  11. The opioid crisis might not have taken hold if people weren’t in chronic pain from being literally worked to death.

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