1. I never thought about her story like that Bailey!! All the theories are a bunch of men making assumptions, etc. Lol. Forget that!! You were so right when you said she couldn't even die peacefully without a bunch of men spreading bs. Ugh!!! Makes me sad for her!! Good job, Bailey!!

  2. I am highly convinced she was murdered and the government covered it up with suicide. The government has been proven to do some VERY SHADY things to cover their tracks and take out people who know too much on things that are top secret (looking at you, Hillary Clinton😘)

    Sure, she was obviously unhappy and wanted to feel loved, but found it in the wrong places. But what really makes me lean towards suicide was around the 7:43 bit. You cannot convince me otherwise.

  3. So is this why we haven’t gotten any new Muder Mystery and Makeup Mondays? You’ve been over here Netflixing and Chilling Bailey? Smh show us how you really feel! J/k 😆😆 get those coins Gurrrrl I ain’t mad atcha. ❤️🙂

  4. There's a woman who bought Marilyn's house a few years back she does videos about it 💖

  5. This former gangster dude did an interview and said he knew the doctor who was contracted to kill Marilyn as the mob used to use him for contracts also. He said they sedated her and then killed her by injecting air into her femoral artery near the groin which causes u to have an anurism or stroke or something. He said her pubic hair concealed the needle mark and the motive for killing her was to keep her quiet about her affair with JFK and an abortion she was forced to go through with. He claims Frank Sinatra and his posse told her John would be at this party which is how they baited her to go there in the first place and apparently Marilyn got upset when she realised John wasn't coming and she called Joe DiMaggio to come get her but instead of picking her up Joe called Frank to ask why Marilyn was freaking out which sealed her fate. According to him If Joe had just picked her up she might be alive. I don't know if the story is credible or not. But it seems odd to me that someone like Marilyn would not leave a note. I think it's highly likely that she was murdered.

  6. OK Marilyn was in the way. JFK had many affairs with her. Also not to get off subject but I’m going to anyways. If you look really close at the footage from the JFK shooting the driver shot him that’s why the Misses was trying to crawl out the back. Just look into it just look into it please 🤓

  7. She was murdered. Coroner found a 6 inch bruise in her large intestine, and the coroner sd, a large dose of barbituates in a enema, would cause, such brusing.

  8. Marilyn was not as “fragile” or “weak” as some of you are making her out to be. Her friends described her having a will as strong as steel (she had to to survive her early life and then Hollywood) and none of them believe she killed herself. She was a fighter. Her heart was broken many many times and she was bipolar. She was physically and mentally ill throughout 1960-1962 and it was this period where she became an actual addict. I’ve always leaned towards accidental OD, she mixed two drugs that were lethal, but the circumstances surrounding her death are fishy AF. Her doctor and her maid give me bad vibes. We will likely never know but I don’t believe it was suicide.

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