DOCTOR STRANGE 2 "Break The Rules" Trailer (2022)

New footage from Doctor Strange 2: In The Multiverse Of Madness

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  2. So when Strange turns evil, he styles his hair into dreadlocks? LOL ok then 😂

  3. wasn't hyped for this movie. but now that i know sam raimi is behind this movie its time to pitch a tent outside the cinemas

  4. Tahun ini tahun nya flim DC ama marvel, fiks yg kluar flim epic smua

  5. NGL the most underrated moment is when we see ultron if it worked out

  6. To the cinema! ( I won't watch this otherwise. It's insane and I love it.)

  7. Так как я в России теперь я такое не смогу посмотреть

  8. I love the evil Strange too much that says: "Things just got out of hand."

  9. i hope that this actually connects with loki some how like we see one of those genuise dudes

  10. When isn't Dr. Strange breaking the rules I mean he literally cheated and looked in the future in order to defeat Thanos.

  11. I did not know Sam Raimi did this!!! This could be the best Marvel Movie ever!!!! He did Spiderman Movies before all the Marvel Hype now He is Back for a Comeback! Also Evil Dead Part 1 was his best Movie.

  12. Hello, guys please like this comment so that you'll make my wish come true.

  13. Pause the video and go this time 0:05 doesn't it looks like Bill Cipher to the left?????

  14. But u swear there was nothin new in this trailer I swear it was the same as the first one

  15. What the heck, are you talking about Wanda. Do you literally enslaved an entire town and got off Scott free, you cannot talk At least Strange was doing what he did to protect the world.

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