DOCTOR STRANGE 2 _ Character Reveal (2021) In the Multiverse of Madness

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  1. Brother Voodoo yes. Miss America Chavez no. I'd rather see White Tiger, another magic based character and resident of New York that has already been named dropped in Jessica Jones, show up as part of the reason Doctor Strange goes on his journey. She could also be the muscles and part of a Mystic Avengers team facing off against the main villain of the movie. She also has ties to both Brother Voodoo and Doctor Strange, so she would be a better choice for the young Hispanic female being cast for an upcoming MCU movie.

  2. “Jimmy Jean-Louis” would be exceptional for this role for sure. It will make perfect seance if he takes on the mantel.

  3. So this will be how the MCU dies? The comic sells for the racist sexist Miss America series were in the toilet and Disney is gonna try to make that shit show into a movie?

    Guess it’s another thing sexist woke feminists will blame on men when it flops at the box office like many sexist racist women movies.

  4. Is MIS America divers enough for the movie?
    Maybe brother vodo should be Doctor Strange lost lover!😲😵😂😂😂😂
    I'm joking!! But it honestly wouldn't surprise me!😲

  5. They just need a black in the movie. Same as they trying to fckn change captain marvel into a black and already did captain america. What more do these fckers wanne take over? Wonder if we will see a white black panther. Im suprised dr strange doesnt turn out to be changed into a black someone in the multiverse and can be explained by white guilt. Wonder even if you make the villain blue the blacks will complain. They gonna have a fckn fit when they see the little amount of black in the black widow movie. Haha.

    Not rasict. Just factual observations.

  6. They should try Paul Campbell, I think it would be a great match.. He was in the Shottas movie w/ Kymani Marley nd Wyclef Jean

  7. Its cool i respect Brother Voodoo. Watch all the Black Sjws get their racially motivated Panties ina twist. OMG thats racist. Blow me.

  8. Brother voodoo I thought his name is doctor voodoo. Im curious to know who's going to play doctor voodoo

  9. OH HELL NO the last thing the MCU Needs is Miss America she is a sucky character and part of marvel SJW revival along with Riri Williams I was hoping that with the cancellation of her comics that she would be gone for good look like Dr Strange 2 will be marvels get woke go broke movie

  10. Miss america??? Why not try a new name instead of ripping off captain america? Plus Star Kicks??? Wtf???

  11. Hopefully Jimmy Jean Louis aka thre Haitian guy from Heroes will get the chance. Since he's Haitian anyway. Just a thought!

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