1. I was so excited to hear a trans woman would be playing Jess, only to find out that it’s freaking Abigail Thorn. Booo. (She says the ‘where ya headed, stranger?’ line.) Bad actress, accusations of assault, crappy BreadTube libtard. Sooooo disappointing.

  2. So we get this instead of Django Lives with the real Django Franco Nero? I was looking forward to that third Franco Nero flick that was supposed to give a finale to the character fifty years later.

  3. Stronk wahmen, magical minority, and hardly any Django. Another franchise featuring a masculine hero undermined for "The Message".

  4. Mas por que está obsessão neste personagem, td ano tem uns 3 a 4 filmes sobre, e tem tantos outros personagens e histórias a serem exploradas, ex: façam westerns com terror , com lendas indígenas, com ficção científica, enfim Django já deu 🤣🤣🤣🤣👍

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