Dept. of Homeland Security Ramps Up Efforts to Police Online Speech on Ukraine, COVID & Afghanistan

Documents obtained by The Intercept reveal the Department of Homeland Security is working with private tech companies to fight online speech that undermines support for the U.S. government. We speak to one of the co-authors of The Intercept’s report, investigative journalist Lee Fang, who says the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act signed into law in 2018 by then-President Donald Trump expanded the government’s power to reshape online discourse. “These documents raise clear civil liberty concerns, concerns around the First Amendment and if the government is trying to shape the kind of news we see,” says Fang.

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  1. All over but the crying.
    Tech is a waste of time and encouraged disconnected offline community

  2. so DEM NOW has a report on disinformation – how is that not irony!!! btw she cut the guy off to shut him up LOLOLOL

  3. it is odd that the intercept which is a CIA run outfit is running this story… there must be a cold war between the CIA and DHS

  4. Bombshell REPTILIAN CHILD KILLERS English ROYAL'S witness must see… Jordan Maxwell order out of Chaos.


  6. Coverage of free speech being taken away. After several interruptions, you ended the video in haste. Do you really think this was adequately covered. Felt like you were just crossing off a to-do list instead of displaying true journalistic skills. I used to admire you and your show. Also, please quit calling it the War & Peace Report. You basically just copy from MSM.

  7. Free speech is great, but with so much misinformation, hate speech and out right lies being spread at light speed around the globe on the internet, it may be time for some guardrails.

  8. Shut down free speech , you may not agree with other people's views , but everybody has a right to air their views …I have learned alot for listening to other people …sad times

  9. After all this time, can't you all figure out how to end an interview gracefully?
    Also, is 6 minutes really all you could spare for this profoundly important topic???

  10. And by the way?
    How many tens of thousends of persons from the former sovjet era areas, have come to USA, and infiltrated the stately orgs with that neo fascistoid views and policies on the NOT RIGHT TO FREE SPEACH?
    And how many east europeans and former russians are the pushers of the will of the occupied state in stopping the american people from the right to think for them selves??

  11. "Police dissinformatio"?

    Are they going to prosecute the, at least four, orgs "under" the NSA that are the prime distributors of fake-, diss- and miss informations?????

    Wouldn't think so!

  12. It'll be fine. Just don't say anything unkind about the motivations of ffffing Pentagon maniacs, uhh, I meant patriots and Human Rights Defenders! Or corporate psychopaths, either, uhh, I meant, saintly Job Creators! Etc. (But I'm sure you already knew all that.)

  13. The official truth about Coronavirus is obviously false information about the history of coronavirus and safe medical treatment for coronavirus covid-19 Polio pandemic. We are also seeing false information about Jan 6 and 911. Major omissions about power generation and power use and water treatment plants. The mass media is misinformation regarding these major events.

  14. The American government used to condemn this kind of stuff some years ago, but now they've got to change the rules because they are now losing power and they are scared. Now, they need censorship. It's amazing that they still have the nerve to accuse China of censorship when in fact they are ramping up censorship efforts themselves. Let's just apply the American government's own words to itself, and keep in mind their comments that they believe the Communist Party of China is so weak that they can be destroyed by words. What does that tell you about their own regime if you apply their own rules to themselves?

  15. Good. We have to save our freaking democracy or we are done! Done, done, done. No country gone. Wake up people!

  16. This was covered on Faux news with Puckerface, Mr. Pucker seemed like he wanted the interview over quickly. Almost seems like this is a nefarious hold over from the Drumpf administration doing more unscrupulous-ness. Homeland Security a department as a whole I have many questions for the need. ICE, Border patrol & private prisons along the southern border are abusing their power wholesale with little or no oversight. Drumpf and Co. broke so many of our agencies and installed loyalists which with the level of FEDeral disfunction will hopefully be able to be fixed top to bottom.

  17. only dictatorships control their people’s speech. what are libs gonna do when they hand that power to trump? fking insane.

  18. Love you guys, you could give a timer to the people speaking so they know and don't have to be cut or don't end them? or do you have to end it?
    Thanks for your great program!

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