Democrats May Lose U.S. House Because New York Dem. Leaders Were Too Focused on Defeating the Left

The balance of power in Congress is still up in the air two days after Tuesday’s midterm elections, and control of the Senate now rests on three states: Nevada, Arizona and Georgia. Meanwhile, Republicans have not yet won enough House seats to regain the majority, though there are still over 30 House races not yet decided. Many analysts say if Democrats lose control of the House, it may largely be because of New York state, where Republicans have flipped four congressional seats. Sochie Nnaemeka, director of the New York Working Families Party, says the “low-participation, low-energy election” was the result of the Democrats’ “failed strategies at the state level.” And Zohran Mamdani, New York state assemblymember for District 36, explains how GOP-favored redistricting, which he pins on Democratic leadership, “may be part of the reason why we do not hold the House.” Both Nnaemeka and Mamdani are part of a growing coalition calling for the resignation of Jay Jacobs, chair of the state’s Democratic Committee, who they say laid the ground for major Democratic losses to the GOP in Tuesday’s midterm elections.

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  1. They have the wrong man in charge in New York wrong man greedy bought off sell out they better get somebody else that got more stuff than this guy you don't know what the f*** he's doing

  2. All new elections will occur and the one who committed voter fraud are up for treason now behind closed doors


    Executive Orders:
    National Emergencies issued
    Presidential Emergencies issued
    • Both unaddressed by Congress
    Presidential Emergency Active Document
    Stafford Act
    Presidential Emergencies Act
    Title 10
    Title 32
    10 US Code 246
    10 US Code 12406
    47 US Code 606 – War Powers of the President
    Articles Il and IV of the Constitution

  4. Perhaps the divide between Dems is because there are still traditional democrats who hold conservative views. Biden ran as a moderate – and then changed to the leanings of the far left. No all Dems want socialism. And with the way our Democratic.leaders have allowed crime to spiral because the culprits know they will not be prosecuted made a lot of democrats vote Republican. Dems can only blame the radicals & this Admn for this failure.

  5. Shocked and saddened about New Yorks..whatever.. that got so many Repugnatins in office… for sure thought the blue would win out there. Especially since so many hate Trump there. Hmmm makes me wonder what's up .. ???????

  6. Typical liberals. Take a loss as justification for getting even more extreme! You all remind me of Demi Moore's character in "A Few Good Men", when she objected, and the Judge overruled her, and she responded with "I strenuously object!". Every time you lose, you double down on why you lost!

  7. Corporate politician's need to be thrown out of government period. Progressive Democrats are the direction the party needs to go in. That way the voters can see the difference between them and the republicans, who are only out to help corporations,and the special interest and the rich. Democrats have to show that they are for the working class, average Americans. 👍🏻👍🏼👍👍🏾👍🏿🇺🇸.

  8. With all this crisis happening around the world one needs to have different portfolio,I already invested in forex and crypto which are really profitable.

  9. I'm glad you freaks are angry too, I don't care that Republicans didn't get Senate I just pray to the higher powers that that Skank representing the House gets the boot and that's all. I hope the absolute worst for the progressive wing of the Democrat party moreso than the moderate sagging old Joe Biden side.

  10. USA is a fails state no longer a demochricy. Pure communist the world is seeing usa for what it is bullies become bullied

  11. USA is a fails state no longer a demochricy. Pure communist the world is seeing usa for what it is bullies become bullied

  12. Voting democrat is voting against your best interest. They can no longer automatically give that award to republicans. Wake up people. You’re paying nearly double the price since Amy’s ticket took control.

  13. More ways to skin a cat. You can lose but still win. Biden is now going to be a lame duck. He loses the power of the purse.

  14. So the argument, the progressive argument, that explains how New York lost the US House for the Democrats is, "We (the Progressives) raised such a fuss in New York that it distracted the New York Democratic leadership from winning elections" and "the Progressives should run the show now" and "we coulda won if we bought votes during a ballot measure that the people of New York rejected."

    Huh. Interesting argument. Kinda like blaming the dog for eating your paper? I think somebody is glossing over the statistics actually quote here: in state-wide elections two years ago, the Dem candidate beat the Rep candidate by over 20%, yet two years later, in another state-wide election the Dem candidate beat the Rep by only 5%.

    If the NY Dem party is responsible for that 15% deficit because they were suppressing the Progressives, is the argument being made that the 15% deficit is made up of Progressives switching party and voting for Trump's party?

    How bizarre!

  15. So the people are don't aloud to think for themselves, having to manipulating them. Just maybe the people don't want socialism and a dictatorship and now see what up.
    Biden so proud at the COP27 he passed the infrastructure bill, yet Biden gave million two Africa and Mongolia for renewable energy, solar plants and ask for other private investment. Yet the Biden administration told the American people that the infrastructure bill was for American infrastructure and create job for Americans.
    Lies and more lies.

  16. So in other words the maps redrawn would have favored the democrats so your mad.
    It's all just a manipulation of the voters by redistricting.

  17. But i prefer former Governor Cuomo and former mayor de Blasio because i always saw police out there, and new York city was very cleaned more than right now but anyways the new Governor as 2 years to be decided to be reform and thank you.

  18. But i hope the new Governor to make sure Albany to be reform because Albany not the same as before because former Governor Georges Pataki did a great job,and so far you guys as 2 years to do the job

  19. No, the Reoublicans flipped those districts because the extreme Left had gone too far in setting the Dem. agenda; everyone who lives in NYC knows that, it is why Rose was swamped on Staten Island. And the extremist Dems who insisted this bail reform. bit is just wonderful. No it isn;t and everyone who is honest and not and ideologue knows that,.

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