DEADPOOL 3 – Wolverine Returns (2024)

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Third installment in the Deadpool franchise. Confirmed by Kevin Feige to be set within the MCU and rated R.

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Deadpool 3 (2024) is the new action movie starring Ryan Reynolds.

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  1. No one seems to have mention the silver and black Deadpool suit he was wearing at the typewriter. Classic X-Force.

  2. whitney houston still takin stage with i will always love you.. i mean i will alway love hugh. legendary

  3. My worst nightmare coming true… they wont make it R rated… fcuk disney-mcu

  4. The fact that they've had to draw on Hugh Jackman as Wolverine for this movie tells us it's going to suck ass!

  5. Awesome Deadpool and Wolverine. Assuming they are the Goodies… who are the Baddies gonna be?!

  6. The fact that we're going to see Hugh Jackman and Ryan Renolds doing Deadpool 3 is the biggest dream I could've asked for.

  7. I am soooooooo hoping they do a liberal sprinkling of references to Ryan's portrayal in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" in this film!

  8. This guy is so damn funny and entertaining. Hugh is going to be entertained on set for sure. Looking forward to the movie gents.

  9. Ryan would make a good Toby from the Office I just realized. If he just keeps that soulless expression and little smile + timid, lifeless voice he'd be perfect

  10. i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee this dude and how he giggled me to wait for the next deadpool
    love YA RYAN

  11. We know that deadpool is gonna talk mad shit to logan then get his head cut off!!🤣🤣

  12. Ryan reynolds is ryan Reynolds he never breaks his character of deadpool even interviewing 🤣🔰

  13. I love the part where hugh Jackman said," it's Wolvering time!!" and wolverined all the enemies and deadpool. Truly a moment we'll never forget.

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