DEADPOOL 3 – How Wolverine Returns (2024)

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Third installment in the Deadpool franchise. Confirmed by Kevin Feige to be set within the MCU and rated R.

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Deadpool 3 (2024) is the new action movie starring Ryan Reynolds.

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  1. How is wolverine gonna return if he's dead? Does anyone know what the hell going on?

  2. In "The Wolverine" we saw that the evil Viper had two "robotic spiders" in a jar. After Wolverine had been suffering from not being able to regenerate, he found the jar empty, had himself scanned and found ONE robotic spider and removed it. WHAT IF… the second robotic spider had been dormant and hidden in the scan? And, years later, it began to reactivate allowing Logan to age and otherwise diminished his ability to self-heal. Maybe Wolverine, Prof. X and others came to the INCORRECT conclusion that it was the adamantium in his body that was poisoning him?

  3. I hate y'all! Why do y'all keep messing with my emotions?! Deadpool 3 needed to happen years ago! Get on with it already!!!!

  4. What kind of superhero film able to tip that in 2024? Assuming they both appear in upcoming Secret Wars, it will be Hugh(huge).

  5. I thought my phone was messed up for a minute😅the description part of the movie

  6. Our Goundamani already sang a song from Singapore…😜
    And this is the just Upgraded Version 😂

  7. Jitterbug really really Ryan you asshole I’m so sick of your shit I swear to God if I ever see you want me to kick your square in the nuts good luck regenerating those🤣😂🤣
    Just getting Ryan you’re awesome.

  8. Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are going to troll us for the next 708 days, I'm here for all of it!

  9. Man, Deadpool and Wolverine are both coming the MCU for the first time in Deadpool 3 (2024)? Jesus 😂

  10. You Bastards… LMAO!!! I love this!!!! It's about damn time we got Deadpool and Wolverine in a movie together… when are we getting Ryan and Tom together for Spideypool?? or Deadman… erhm… no, wait, that's DC… my bad.

  11. 0:45 oh wow is there gonna be scene where logan put his claw on deadpool head…base on how ryan and hugh acted in the video

  12. They both need steroids cycle and they both need to lie , they would eat chicken broccoli rice 😁

  13. A lip reader that goes by jomboy deciphered what they were saying. They're talking about a fight between Deadpool and wolverine in the script and that Deadpool and Logan are just smiling and laughing throughout the fight since they just both keep healing. Hugh also says the wolverine in the movie will be in his prime and won't be old and they also mention something about an explosion but Ryan turned his head so he wasn't able to make out the full sentence aside from him saying something about an explosion.

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