DEADPOOL 3 _ Wolverine Reveal Trailer (2024) Hugh Jackman

DEADPOOL 3 _ Wolverine Reveal Trailer (2024) Hugh Jackman
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  1. Ironically September 6th is my birthday and on September 6th 2024 I will be turning 18. I was like what??? What are the odds that an R rated Deadpool movie releases on my 18th birthday lol. Deadpool is going to be a perfect 18th birthday gift for me.

  2. Anyone tired of ryan reynolds playing ryan rynolds, its the same silly cadence of none sensical trying way to hard to be funny, wanna be 90s jim carry, give a any one 96 takes and im sure you bound to get a funny line.

  3. So your lining up to play Gordon in an adaptation of the half life video games? Looking a lot like him in some of those shots….. just saying

  4. Take my money!! I’m watching this movie 10 times in theaters! Bad or good fk it wolverine is the best

  5. holy fucking shit!!!! Ryan I love you and what you did for deadpool.. but Hugh is the best wolverine and I was very sad that he hung up the claws. Welcome back !!

  6. i mean as cool as it is, i was under the impression that Deadpool and Spidey were always teaming up more than wolverine

  7. wow- now i may go back to the movies for this one. man i hope jackman can work in the mcu- he deserves another shot, since he basically carred the xmen movies for 20 years just about

  8. They really should have let Hugh stay away from Wolverine. They could have had an epic fresh start but now not so much. It would have been like when Christian Bale jump started Batman with Batman Begins.

  9. Now if you could get Andrew Garfield's Spiderman this would be the greatest Superhero movie off all time.

  10. I better not see too much cgi on this.. it’s practically 2 mf years of waiting counting from now.. and more since the last one

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