DEADPOOL 3 _ In Wolverine's Bed Teaser (2024) Trailer

Hugh let the dogs out?

DEADPOOL 3 _ In Wolverine’s Bed Teaser (2024) Trailer
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  1. Geez some people live way too vicariously. I for one can’t wait for Hugh to be back and with Ryan in a ripper franchise

  2. Fuck Blade for getting this delayed, bring back Wes now or don't do it at all, Deadpool absolutely takes precedent in terms of Solo outings, compared to most Marvel movies it's been made on a shoestring budget of around 80mil and literally multiplied it by 10 both times effortlessly, just imagine what it'll accomplish with Marvel money now.

    But more importantly this is for the fans that have had to wait an extended period due to the Disney buyout of Fox, Logan had a fitting send off but this will also likely be a more fitting one for Hugh Jackman himself, Deadpool right now is probably as important as how the 2 upcoming Avengers movies will be set up.

  3. Huh, I wonder if each Deadpool movie is a stand alone branch and Ryan referenced that just now.

  4. Let's see ,Deadpool laying in wolverines bed ..hmm the bed is all messed up!! wolverine just got out the shower!! Deadpool says hey you want to play wolverine one more time.. butt buddies bays..the gay agenda finally made it into the superhero world stay tuned

  5. Marvel is working hard? She Hulk show disaster. Promoting a movie that comes out in 2 YEARS from now. Killing off deeply developed characters like Ironman, Thanos, Black Panther (and Wolverine supposed to be dead) plus Gamora. Overall storylines falling flat after Infinity War.

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