Dark Planet | FULL MOVIE | 1997 | Sci Fi, Action

When a habitable planet is discovered on the far side of a dangerous wormhole, two factions fighting for control of Earth set aside their differences to send a joint mission to the planet. Intrigue and infighting threaten both the mission and mankind.

Directed by Albert Magnoli
Starring Paul Mecurio, Michael York, Harley Jane Kozak

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  1. Woah! Am I a first grade reject? I had the hardest time trying to make sense of this movie. Lots of action, too much killing.

  2. WOW she's got a VGA connector attached to her neck guess you can see her thoughts. and wow has Michael York fallen from grace.
    5 minutes in and can already tell it's crap.

  3. Amazing how they have all these fire fights on board a space ship and no one is worried about punctures of the hull or the hull exploding from rapid depressurization.

  4. This might have been a good movie, I will never know. I couldn't understand hardly anything that is being said. The actors mumble and talk under their breath, and if that isn't bad enough, all you can hear reasonably well is the two-bit crap musical background. People don't watch movies to listen to soundtracks, they want to hear what the actors are saying.

  5. This was very good. The simple and spare feeling of the set, dialogue, number of actors etc. all combined with the storyline beautifully. Good watch.

  6. It was entertaining, well written, well acted, surprised at the number of recognizable cast members.

  7. Well done. Can our collective humanity skip the fighting and believe in truth now. Short of 2638? Your only hope is now or never.

  8. Very great movie. Wished it would have showed them landing on the planet and the baby that was borned. (Mississippi Gulf Coast, USA).

  9. Stupid movie, has been actors that could be bought with peanuts. No plot, this is a real stink fest.

  10. This is so bad.
    The Dark Star oooohhhhh
    And why are movies spacecraft always so dark and depressing? One would think they would want to design them to be wel lit and cheery.

  11. Dark Planet? Shoulda called it dark movie, clearly they skimped on the lighting budget. As for special effects, Star Trek the orig. had way better. I fell for seeing Michael York in the write up and thought "how bad could it be?"

  12. A gunfight inside a spaceship? What were they thinking? I had a great laugh. Someone should have set off some hand grenades!

  13. Special effects budget? What special effects budget? We can just glue printer ports on peoples necks and use footage from video game cut scenes!

  14. When the mask-clad military men were killed, I was hoping they would take their masks off to see who they
    were, and it would be cast members of Traders or Night Heat, or maybe band members from Max Webster.

  15. fun but so ham fisted. could they beat you over the head any harder with their social commentary?

  16. 5:41 can't resist a chick with side burns and a serial port. I wonder what her data transfer rate is. humina humina humina

  17. Absolutely love the conclusion of this movie. Don't wanna spoil anything, but it is every man's dream ending. I just wish more movies these days ended on such a sweet note.

  18. Good sci-fi film 🙂
    Michael ("Logan 7") York played a good role.
    This film left plenty of room for a TV series.

  19. this movie goes way beyond good, in fact if i didn't know better i would say someone spent the entire budget on lunch the first day, what a complete waste of everyone's time, far better off to lose every copy of this monstrosity.

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