Dance Monsters | Official Trailer | Netflix

In this feel-good competition, amateur dancers disguised as motion capture monsters bring their best moves, hoping to wow our panel of judges and win $250,000. Ne-Yo, Lele Pons and Ashley Banjo serve as judges. Ashley Roberts serves as host. Dance Monsters premieres December 16 on Netflix.


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Dance Monsters | Official Trailer | Netflix



  1. Great concept and delivery. Wow. Got up with Grummy and danced in his Egyptian BSB dance 🙂 Really vibing with this. Enjoyed everyone's choreos! So good.

  2. This show should have a 1st 2nd n 3rd. Place prizes. All are amazing dancers !!!!!

  3. Is it me or. Dance masters is a great idea 💡 with CGI. Making the dancers look amazing. But?????? Problem is in the choosing of the" monsters" by the dancers. Because dancers like example FERG. Her costume i feel took away. From her moves or most of the bulky costumes are very very tough to use in competition due to over sizes and bulkyness. Compare to. Hammer his tight fitting costume and grummy. Sleek design its not bulky you see there body actually through the computer graphics!!!!! So. I think. Concept of the show is excellent and fun. But. Is it 100 percent fair 🤔???????

  4. Just binged watch the whole season! This was great! A great concept, dancer and judges! How they make a second season

  5. When the judges picked their superpower 😂 for me was a disappointment some powers were cool others let the dancers down big time ✌🏼

  6. The way the end on the last vote is upsetting. Is netflix not regular TV. Stop waiting time and make it suspenseful it doesn't work on streaming. I makes it less enjoyable. The sad stories should be at the end of the dance so people don't get attach to the person. Just dance. ! Nice to watch with kids.

  7. Not to be mean but lele shouldn’t be a judge anymore. She let Marsha pass knowing she didn’t improve until she got to the semi finals. All of those other dancers who improved and did amazing had to go home. Rigged🤦🏽‍♀️

  8. I am so disappointed Lele let Marsha pass so ahead of others who were more talented specially when they let Candy go to the next round over Marsha … it wasn’t just about the character the show was about impressing with the dancing moves , passion and personality not just the character and Marsha just didn’t had it. 🙁 so disappointed

  9. just finished this show. lele pons is a rubbish judge and kept putting thru a weak dancer IT MADE ME SO MAD

  10. Must be a bummer for the live audience who would just see an empty stage, I assume they have to watch screens to see their monster appearances render? Maybe they'd see the backup dancers

  11. I'm interested. But more importantly how is this setup? Like is it a giant curves screen that has a 3D effect? I HAVE TO KNOW THIS IS SO COOL!!

  12. Love dance monsters. But how Marsha get into the finals? How doing the same thing over and over get you in the final?

  13. I feel like the dance battle between peaches and jellifer was unfair jellifer gave more energy and peaches paused sometimes in between while she was dancing

  14. So is the stage a green screen? I don't understand how the "monster" is appearing on stage and live in front of the judges. Or are they not live and the judges and audience just have to pretend that they are watching the monster version of the dancer.

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