Dance Monsters | Behind The Scenes | Netflix

Through innovative motion capture technology and CGI, Dance Monsters has pushed the boundaries of what is possible. Go behind the scenes to see how the producers and creators of Dance Monsters created the show.


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Dance Monsters | Behind The Scenes | Netflix

In this feel-good competition, amateur dancers disguised as CGI avatars bring their best moves, hoping to win $250,000 — and a second shot at their dreams.



  1. Wow!! This is certainly the future here and now.. I was inspired and became so emotional immersed in the performances… omg God so inspiring!!

  2. So let me get this straight: Netflix didn’t have enough room in their budget to continue inside job, even though it is a very popular show, but they did have the money for a needlessly expensive version of the masked singer?

  3. Netflix being unwilling to reveal what the audience see has convinced me the whole thing is a lie. All scripted, acted, fake. Including the “audience” reactions.

  4. I was mindblown by the technology and how well it captured the dancers' movements and their expressions

  5. I don't like that the audience is looking at nothing. It completely defeats the purpose of a live performance. I can appreciate they are proud of their technological achievement however I feel it was a waste of energy and time
    Nothing about this show moved me. The whole premise created doubt and questions. I'm a little offended that they thought this was ok. On the plus side,my daughter and I had a good laugh.

  6. I still don't understand. I mean I understand how I'm seeing them through the screen, but I don't understand how the people that are there (the panel and audience) are seeing them. Could someone please explain? Because they clearly say they are not on stage (at least not the stage that everyone there can see). I am assuming it is not a prerecorded dance, which means they are somewhere else in the building dancing at the same time as their backup dancers (if they have them). How do the audience and panel see the monsters dancing????

  7. As a cg artist, I was blown away by the compositing. The reflection (which is actually a cool cheat I have used) helped sell it. But the slight shadow and the light on the monsters was second to none and a few other little touches, I was incredibly impressed. The tracking was epic. And the scenes were they were sitting together, how the light was perfectly matched was absolutely stunning.
    Would definitely like to know some more technical details. Was this done in UE5 or something else?

  8. I highly doubt this was real-time renders, this video is disingenuous… I'm looking at how the lights interact with the GCI on stage that can't be real-time renders, this definitely has heavy post-production.

  9. Gogglebox brought this to my attention. Very innovative use of technology. Any idea how much Netflix have invested – has to be some sum but that's really top content.

  10. "Making something that nobody else is." VTuber agencies may not have this budget, but they are producing some impressive 3D motion capture concerts regardless.

  11. My 7 year old dtr showed me this show and it was good and kid friendly! I would love to see more

  12. This is one of my favorite shows in netflix but knowing the truth… Made me realize I was looking at nothing.

  13. I thought it was just people making a costume that moves when the real person is moving but the real person is at the back…

  14. I can’t seem to get into the show. Dancing to me is a language that needs to be expressed with movement as much as facial expressions. I couldn’t interpret the emotions expressed in the dancing when the technology isn’t capturing the human aspects clearly.

  15. Really have to give props to the cgi animators and artists that worked on this show. The production quality was really well done, even better than some movies. It's just unfortunate that the live audience and judges weren't able to see the final rendering 'live', so their reactions and applause may sometimes come off scripted, but what isn't scripted nowadays. Overall, really entertaining and fun watch, and i'm not usually a fan of competition shows. Using the mocap and vfx tech really adds an interesting spin to the show. Really curious how much budget they had on this show. If they are doing another season, I think they can do away with a live audience.

  16. And still manages to forget that the audience don't see s**t except for the back-up dancers – so it's technically brilliant but a massive pile of crap for those who go to see the show! Until they develop holographic technologies, the only way to 'watch' something like this would be through AR (augemented reality) glasses. Which, notice, the audience don't have!

  17. A spin-off series with dance instructions for kids would be a lot of fun with those characters.

  18. I watched and it was a very weird Metauniverse experience. I came here wondering what the judges could actually see. Did they just judge a video clip after the fact?

  19. This show was just unbelievable! Great concept, near flawless execution. Also, so happy my favorite won! 😁😁🎉

  20. Need Simon and Paula to actually judge. We're trying to figure out what these three were looking at?? Is this dancing for Broadway or dancing? Saw great talent get ripped apart and swirls with no rhythm get praised. Done after episode three….and that's too long

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  22. y’all are so hung up on the technology stuff 😭 suspend your disbelief for like two seconds and actually enjoy the performances damn

  23. I like the show but when the best moment of the dance comes the director cuts to the audience and judges reactions. It's very frustrating since I keep missing the dance and it kills the mood. I want to see the whole dance, just put a square or something with the audience and judges reactions. 🤨

  24. Am watching the show 😁 and am actualy loving it 🥰 its like watching animation and reality mixed out together 🤗👏

  25. I just have to say that the female judge is an idiot and I don't really care if my opinion offends anyone the woman is stupid her decisions make no freaking sense the marshmallow lady is doing the same thing over and over and over and the twit just wants to keep her coming back

  26. announcing your getting rid of password sharing in 2023 after giving millions to air a documentry thats been proven bs from 2 of the most hated people bet yout share holders are just ecstatic atm

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