DAHMER – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story | Official Trailer (Trailer 2) | Netflix

Emmy winner Niecy Nash turns in a powerful performance as Glenda Cleveland, a vigilant neighbor fighting for justice in …



  1. Looks like most of the victims here are the black people and it seems the court and the cops give more favor to Dahmer though he shows guilty about the crimes. They don't listen to the black lady talking about the killings

  2. Great show…until it turned woke and political. Wayyyy too much blame on cops and uses current woke terms for previous era. Kinda weird. It’s like AOC and Netflix got together and made Dahmer the poster boy of systemic racism. A gay serial killer that showed zero evidence of racism and thought his victims were “beautiful” . The show turned into a woke show and glamorized activism, demonized police and the evil system 😂. Good lord. It’s cringe

  3. I take comfort knowing Dahmer died a violent death suffering.
    But I’m pissed that his killer was given a harsher sentence for doing what police, the justice system, and his mother should’ve done a long time ago, and I hope those cops are rotting where ever they are.

  4. Something about this one I just can’t watch. When I was in high school I saw some crime scene photos from his apartment. Horrifying. A whole bloody rib cage on the rim of the bathtub.

  5. There’s something wrong with the justice system in there, so Duterte is right you America doesn’t have right to mingle with our human rights stuff.

  6. I just finished this and wow it was so good. Very very depressing, sad, gross and disturbing but such a good show. Evan Peters and Niecy Nash are incredible and talented. Very good acting. My heart goes out to those victims families. Too sad. Jeff was an evil monster. And I love Glenda so much

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