1. Are the disney remakes of their animated movies any good? I have not seen a single remake yet. To be honest I have not see the animated Little Mermaid movie in over 25 years. The last

  2. Where are the movie trailers?!
    Under the boardwalk(animated crab movie)

    The last voyage

    Creed 3


    Violent night


    Salems lot




    Rise of the beast

    Shotgun weeding


    Women talking

    Knock at the cabin


    Dark harvest

    Train to newyork .

    I mean why is this month so suddenly dry

  3. キズモノ?じゃなくてギズモも?思たわ。

  4. Y'all is so angry about Halle Bailey being the one to play Ariel. Y'all really that butt hurt she black and actually has talent??

  5. The Little Mermaid , looks like some trailer park girl or un-employed maid thats been living on the street a few months.

  6. oh so you won't turn the comments off for this one even though it still shows the Little Black Mermaid movie

  7. There’s something different about the new little mermaid but I can’t quite put my finger on it 🤔

  8. Another day of live action skipping the animation again drop your pens and tablets do live action instead

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