CUTTING OPEN trainers to find out what's inside! | How To Make – BBC

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Watch the BBC first on iPlayer 👉 Zoe Laughlin, designer, maker and materials engineer, is fascinated by the science and technology hidden within the everyday objects we take for granted. In this series, she dismantles and dissects three classic items to understand the wonders of form, function and material that go into making them, before building her own truly bespoke versions, step by step.

In this episode, Zoe takes on the trainer – a much-loved modern classic that’s a marvel of engineering and design. Setting out in search of inspiration, she meets some of the UK’s leading trainer designers and manufacturers, as well as the young inventors working on mind-blowing sustainable creations such as material made by bacteria and self-deodorising fabrics.

Zoe also goes behind the scenes at Britain’s largest footwear factory, where high-speed injection-moulding processes turn out a shoe every nine seconds. And she meets one of the country’s pre-eminent trainer historians, Thomas Turner, to find out how our favourite everyday footwear would be nothing without car tyres. All before building her own bespoke trainers. In Zoe’s own words, ‘they are mad, but they’re mine – and that makes them special!’

How To Make | Series 1 Episode 1 | BBC

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  1. I imagined a video like this, but explaining which brands had what. This explained exactly nothing.

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  3. Nice to see our TV licence is being put to good use and we get to watch a middle aged woman cream her knickers over cutting trainers in half 🙁

  4. So unless this was aired months ago , for all these smart, curious minds couldn't they be put those minds towards something the wotld could use towards the fight of covid-19 …just wondering.

  5. Had absolute NO interest in this… but it’s the ONLY non CoVid news item! Times are desperate… I may have to watch a reaction channel on shoe deconstruction

  6. Checkout Rose Anvil to watch mostly boots getting cut in half (like Doc Martens). It’s fun and it’s fun to learn.

  7. That might have been a worthwhile exercise; except she is no expert and clueless about what she is looking at.

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