Critics Say Netflix's Jeffrey Dahmer Series Insults Victims, Glorifies Serial Killer

As Netflix’s “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” tops the charts, critics are slamming the series claiming the show insulted victims and glorified a serial killer. The Law&Crime Network’s Jesse Weber discusses the hot debate with true crime author and expert Katherine Ramsland.

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  1. He was a human, that is part of the scary part. He seemed so nice, polite, handsome, and the fact that he did what he did, and talked about it so nonchalantly, like he was just going to the store. He was so unbearably lonely, it did make me empathize with ONLY THAT PART! His crimes were so horrific, I cannot even fathom being able to do those things.

  2. Dahmer on Netflix is getting a lot of hate from critics because they say it focuses too much on Jeff and not on his victims. But I think it's one of the most chilling, vile, horrificly accurate depictions of Jeff to date and all the people he killed are acted so well you have nothing but empathy for them. Critics and the victims families just being offended when really they should be happy shows like Dahmer exist so each new generation won't forget the victim's names and the monstrous things that were done to them.

  3. Shame on Netflix do you not make enough money? I am not surprised the victims families are not happy it is disgusting that they were not consulted before this happened. It will be so traumatic for them all over again. It’s so sad to see that so many people are wanting to watch this show. I refuse to watch it out of respect for the victims and their families and I don’t want to give Netflix any more profit thank you very much.


  5. There have always been movies and TV shows about real events if you're held to that standard you can't make anything anymore

  6. Well they wrong. The critics on rotten tomatoes from “ critics” is just awful as well.
    I such an amazing series, one of the best I’ve ever watched! So well done is unbelievable. Evan Peters is just brilliant 👏🏼
    It’s so good I’m rewatching it hahah
    Who cares about the critics and people that say Is hard to watch , I don’t get it, it’s not graphic like many movies we all watched in the past like Saw for example. It’s a well told and filmed story, mostly about the victims.

  7. The series puts humor in the show. Makes it a little disrespectful to the victims families.

  8. The only reason SOME people are criticizing the show is because they ain’t getting a cut of the money 💵

  9. People need to realize that the feelings of the ACTUAL relatives of the victims matter more than what unrelated viewers find to be a good depiction of the victims????? Who are we to decide how the relatives should feel about a for-profit show?!?!??

  10. This hard story deserves to be dragged out,it does.Appreciate it Netflix for getting in to all that.

  11. WOW, ya don't say. Critics are being critical? Do you mean they created a show called "Dahmer" around that POS and not the victims AGAIN? You would think they were making a mini-series so people would want to watch it. Why didn't they name it "The Dahmer Victims"? Because millions of people will watch a series about a serial killer over a series about the victims. Blame the viewers, not the show makers.

  12. The critics said Broke Back Mountain was a good movie. That shows you what they know.

  13. First Bundy with Zac Efron and now this. Great actors but as someone who studied forensic psychopathy and chose Bundy as my thesis, even I am underwhelmed by the fascination about these long-dead killers. Let the victims' families be.

  14. I don’t think they glorified Dahmer in any way if anything it was disturbing. My heart broke for the victims and their families. I think it let us see a deeper side of what happened to help you connect with the victims. With that said I absolutely see why the families would be upset with the movie and having to relive it. I think Netflix could have at least talked to them and offered some money to the families seeing they were making money off their child or siblings murder.

  15. Dahmer is the one who disrespected the victims. The show is shedding light on what happened without glorifying him. Nevertheless it couldnt have been easy watching it as a victim of his crimes

  16. Netflix is obsessed with evil and the devil!
    Netflix = satanists
    Serial killers only live in the west because they know is a easy pickings!
    Serial killers become normal when they visit the Middle East or far Asia! 👿 😂

  17. The title of the show is terrible. They should’ve named it ‘Doin the Dahmer’ or something like that.

  18. Most of us live normal, good lives and will be forgotten after a while when we die. Yet this monster lives forever because of his deeds. I am very conflicted about shows like this because this guy needs to be forgotten, yet he lives in our minds and media.

  19. Listen true crime fans want the story of the killers life and not, with all due respect, the victims. I mean the victims could have been anybody, could have been me for Christ sake! What could have never been nor will be me is a man eating serial killer! That’s the story I want to see!!! If you’re a fan of true crime you even get cameos by other pos monsters like Ed Gein and John Wayne Gacey!!! As far as the criticism about the show goes about not being respectful and giving voices to the victims…before this show that’s all I knew them by, “the Dahmer victims” I couldn’t name Tony Hughes, Errol Lindsey, Steven Hicks, Steven Tuomi, Konerak Sinthasonphone, and most likely Dean Vaughn!!! So to say it didn’t give a voice to these men is pure nonsense! I felt the pain of the Sinthasonphone family, the rage of the Lindsey family, the loss of the Hughes family! Tony’s story is nothing short of heartbreaking nightmare fuel! He was such a sweet and fun loving soul and by showing these families and what JD did to them just further solidified my disgust for that pile of filth. His lack of remorse made me hate this monster so much more then I had in the past that by the time Scarver beats his brain in I just did not care at all what had happened to Jeff and feel as though he got off easy ! But that’s just my two cents.

  20. People don’t want killers glorified but they’re perfectly fine glorifying and enabling mental illnesses left and right.

  21. I don't really get the point about criticising that it's a scripted series and not a documentary. For example there have been numerous movies made about the holocaust that are sometimes based on real people and sometimes fictional. I think these movies help people understand the suffering better, instead of just hearing some historian state facts in a documentary. Certainly these movies/shows can and should still be criticized, but I think dismissing the entire idea of a scripted show based on true events doesn't make any sense. I am however quite disappointed that Netflix didn't talk to the vicitms families at first, I think that should have been a necessary step.

  22. I saw the victims as innocent, trusting, kind individuals. I saw Dahmer as an evil monster. I agree about Joyce, she was portrayed as nothing but a flake. I was disappointed that so much detail was left out, specifically about Dahmer dismembering and cannibalizing his victims. It would have been repulsive but that’s what Dahmer was, repulsive. Show the animal for what he was. Great casting, great acting, especially Evan Peters.

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