CREEPY Doll Dancing from M3GAN #shorts

Meet M3GAN your new best friend.

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  1. Director: 'Alright Megan, now slay her"
    Megan: "Okay so kilk her?"
    Director: "No Megan, ✨️ SLAY ✨️ her!"

  2. It’s very weird seeing kids (like in the remake of Child’s Play) having dolls for friends.

  3. Breaking news: autotuned doll is breaking it down sexual style; experts argue, is she goated with the sauce?

  4. It’s weird how we went from cropped pan and scan VHS tapes to normal widescreen to cropped rectangle aspect ratios for cell phones.

  5. 😂 no puede causar terror, cuando su cara se parece mucho a ciertas muñecas, de ya saben que…🤣

  6. that dancing part ruined the trailer for me
    why would they even have a robot dance like that
    I thought it's suppose to be a smart robot
    not americas got talent robot

  7. I was like ye this looks spooky then she started dancing and I was like, this movie is a certified joke

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