CREED 3 Trailer (2023) Rocky Movie

Starring: Michael B Jordan

CREED 3 Trailer (2023)
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  1. A boxing movie yeah, but it ain't and won't be no rocky. Sorry but you can't just replace an iconic character like that. Also the music sucks!!!! Give us a real score with brass, uplifting power tunes.

  2. Masterpiece…just a lil disappointed Rocky won't be in it but I get it the show must go on

  3. God damn some of these comments ridiculous you people need to grow up Rocky can't live forever no one can the torch has to be passed on at some point

  4. Creed was "meh".. Creed 2 was pretty good (primarily because of the drama between Drago and his son). Creed 3 will just be a cash grab… Rocky meets Boyz N the Hood. I'll pass 🙄

  5. Felix Chavez aka Jose Benavidez. Felix Tito Trinidad and Julio Cesar Chavez two of the great names in boxing history. Glad to see Canelo and Jose Benavidez on this movie. It actually looks like a good movie.

  6. It's always the thug life gang banger blacks that never want to see other blacks succeed in life.

  7. Rocky is too important to all of us, he better get a hero's goodbye. If this does not make me cry!

  8. Please do not get me wrong, this movie looks great. I only have one question, how would someone that just got out of prison, with no boxing career, be able to fight the champ??

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